HigherVisibility Review 2023

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Among digital marketing companies specializing in SEO for Ecommerce and local businesses, HigherVisibility is at the top of the list. Its goal is to help businesses grow their audiences and generate better leads for them. But does it have the skills and services to take your business to the next level? Find out in this comprehensive review.

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What is HigherVisibility?

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HigherVisibility offers digital marketing services for different business industries. That list includes law firms, financial institutions, home builders, and automotive companies. It creates custom strategies for its clients and helps execute them.

HigherVisibility Services Offered

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The company offers services that one might expect from a digital marketing agency. It ranges from SEO to web design and paid ads. You start with a consultation. After that, the company offers a customized solution. From there, it can address the issues that prevent you from being visible on search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

HigherVisibility has several types of SEO services. The first two are for ecommerce and franchises. With this service, the company does on-page and off-page SEO plus reporting. The local SEO service implements the same strategies but has the addition of localization tactics like updating a Google My Business profile.

It also offers white hat link building services. The company will reach out to journalists and bloggers manually to get its clients high-authority links through content marketing. It also uses tactics like broken link building and backlink reclamation. Finally, the agency’s local SEO service implements the same strategies but has additional localization tactics like updating a Google My Business profile.

Web Design

Clients who need to revamp their websites can hire HigherVisibility to do it for them. The company claims that all its sites are responsive and SEO friendly with professional layouts. It should be noted that the sites will use WordPress CMS. It can also manage web development, hosting, and maintain the website for its clients.

The company claims to work with all popular ecommerce platforms. Unfortunately, it does not specify which platforms it currently works with.

Paid Ads

HigherVisibility provides PPC services as well. It does search, display, and retargeting campaigns. And it optimizes ad copy, does ad and image testing, and manages bids and budget. It will perform keyword research and analyze audience segments. Expect to receive regular reporting from the HigherVisibility team.

Those interested in Facebook Ads can work with the company to get traffic from not only Facebook but Instagram as well. It will perform behavior and interest targeting as well as custom audiences. The company can target audiences from specific geographic regions, too.

HigherVisibility Ratings Across Directories

How does HigherVisibility perform on directories? Here are a couple of reviews that you can use as a reference.

HigherVisibility gets an average rating of 4.8 stars on Clutch based on 14 reviews. Commenters praised the company’s ability to boost website speed scores and have reasonable pricing. Many seem happy with how their websites turned out after HigherVisibility worked on them on top of its exceptional customer service.

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Reviews on G2 echo the same sentiments. The SEO company gets an average rating of 4.5 stars based on 12 reviews. Here, there’s mention of the company’s good customer service. One reviewer mentioned that the site isn’t getting enough backlinks and is slow in that department. It goes on to say that HigherVisibility should set its goals higher.

Top Client Results

HigherVisibility has no published case studies specifically about law firms, but they have documented their success on businesses in other industries. 

Allied Van Lines wanted the agency to correct some of the issues left by a previous vendor, including spammy links, reduced traffic, and disavowed high-quality backlinks. After working with Allied Van Lines, the digital marketing company increased organic conversions by 9.44% YoY. It was also able to help businesses like Brilliant Earth and HotWorx get a 36% and 191% YoY increase in organic traffic, respectively.

On The Map Marketing Vs. HigherVisibility

HigherVisibilityOn The Map Marketing
Develops professional websites for its clients. Primarily uses WordPress CMS. Does not specify what other e-commerce platforms it can work with on its website.On The Map Marketing can create fast-loading and optimized websites on WordPress for clients in the legal industry and those in real estate, dental, home services, and more.
Stellar customer service provides clients with all the help they can get from the agency, ranging from strategy questions to reporting.Also has outstanding customer service with features like TrackRight that enable clients to get up-to-date information about their campaigns.
One review expressed disappointment over HigherVisibility’s poor link building strategy.Has a great track record when it comes to its link building services. Its campaigns have helped businesses claim the top spot in organic search for their target keywords.
The volume of services offered to franchise and ecommerce business owners may distract the agency from providing your law firm with the necessary resources to grow its online visibility.It has helped lawyers and attorneys in different practice areas increase their organic traffic and generate more leads and clients using the agency’s tried and true services and approaches.

HigherVisibility is excellent for businesses that need a company to help them update their website and create an online marketing plan. Its web design services get a lot of praise on review sites. But for a company that dedicates services to franchise and ecommerce businesses, not to mention its lack of attorney case studies, you can’t help but wonder how dedicated they are to your law firm’s online rankings and traffic.

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