GNGF Legal Marketing 2023 Review

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The goal of every successful legal marketing strategy is to help law firms increase their online visibility, paying the way for more leads and clients. So, with a name like GNGF, which is an acronym for “Get Noticed, Get Found,” you’d think they can create this strategy for you, right? To know for sure, read about its services, customer reviews, and case studies here.

Note: We at On The Map Marketing use information gathered from the free marketing website audit our team conducts on your site. We’ll then monitor the results to generate insights on how to improve the campaign and generate better results. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your law firm.

What is GNGF?

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GNGF is a law firm marketing agency that develops and executes digital marketing strategies for clients to help them generate sustainable traffic and conversions in the long term.

GNGF Services Offered

Before working with clients, the company follows The GNGF Way, a proven process to determine which long-term strategies to implement in your business and ensure its future success. The agency also works with law firms because of their experience and knowledge of producing marketing efforts in the legal industry with positive results. Below is the complete list of legal marketing solutions they can offer to you:

  • SEO – Lets clients rank on top of search engines to attract highly qualified traffic for their landing pages, increasing conversions. It uses various on- and off-page tactics, like keyword research, technical SEO, link building, etc.
  • Online paid advertising (SEM) – Generates leads faster than SEO by launching paid ads campaigns on Google Ads and Microsoft Bing, Local Service Ads (LSAs), social media ads on Facebook and Instagram, and others.
  • Website design – The award-winning design team at GNGF has created some of the best law firm websites for clients. This is due to the agency’s ability to combine the client’s brand into the site design while being mindful of its speed, mobile responsiveness, and ADA compliance.
  • Content strategy and development – Prioritizes quality over volume concerning content creation. The agency plots out the client’s architecture and identifies pages to create and publish on the site that rank and turn visitors into new cases.
  • Branding – Works with clients to develop a complete brand strategy to produce brand assets like logos, colors, typography, and others. These will be used across your online and offline marketing materials.
  • Review management – Protects clients’ online reputation by alerting the law firm of new reviews about their services, listening to what people say about the law firm on social media, and handpicking clients’ reviews to go public on review sites.
  • Social media – Establishes social media presence for clients by developing an editorial calendar containing video and social content and custom graphics to be published on various social channels.
  • Conversion strategies – Uses different messaging systems, virtual receptionists, and other widgets and strategies to help clients convert visitors into new cases for their firm.
  • Legal CRM implementation – Implements legal customer management system (CMS) software to help law firms automate menial tasks and properly handle incoming leads and current clients.

GNGF Ratings Across Directories

Lawyerist gave GNGF a 4.3/5 star rating. The site lauds the agency for its comprehensive marketing solutions but emphasizes its focus on content marketing to help law firms increase their online visibility. However, to get the best results from the agency’s campaigns, the clients need to be hands-on and involved in the entire process.

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GNGF received an average score of 5/5 stars from 24 Google reviewers.  The latest reviews praise the agency’s detailed-oriented onboarding process and commitment to excellence. The flexibility of the GNGF team also allowed clients to stop and start their marketing campaigns for personal reasons without skipping a beat. 

Top Client Results

An upstart firm reached out to GNGF to grow its non-existent digital presence. The agency rolled up its sleeves and diligently worked on the site’s SEO and content strategy. From 2021 to 2023, the company grew the law firm’s keyword visibility by 30% for its target phrases, resulting in an organic traffic increase of 2,623%.

The Law Offices of Cheryl David was following a marketing system that didn’t produce results. It sought the help of GNGF to provide the firm with a custom marketing strategy that addressed its needs. By creating a new website and collaborating with the firm to create optimized attorney content, the agency increased its site’s traffic by 325% and leads by 112, including an average monthly event registrations improvement of 320%.

On The Map Marketing Vs. GNGF

GNGFOn The Map Marketing
Offers full-service marketing solutions that provide short-term gains and long-term success for law firms.Concentrates on providing legal businesses in various practice areas SEO, PPC, and website design services to help grow their law firm.
Follows a thorough and proven formula to determine the best online marketing strategy and campaign for law firms via The GNGF Way.Conducts free website marketing audits for prospects to understand their goals and issues before providing them with a custom marketing strategy that addresses all their needs.
Requires tons of involvement from its clients to help develop and execute the agency’s marketing plan for them. This may put law firms with little time or resources to spend on marketing at a disadvantage.Makes the lives of lawyers and attorneys easier by creating marketing campaigns using the gathered information from the initial audit. All clients need to do is wait for reports detailing the campaign results and suggestions for improvements in the upcoming campaign.

GNGF is a competent legal marketing agency with the expertise and experience to help its clients achieve their goals. But to get there, law firms need to work closely with the agency, which means time removed from working on cases and helping their clients.

With On The Map Marketing, you can focus on more pressing matters with your legal practice as we develop and run the marketing strategy. You can give your input regarding the marketing efforts, but our goal is to help you do what you do best. All we’ll need is a free website marketing audit to get started.