Convert It Marketing Review: PPC For Law Firms

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With a name like “Convert It Marketing,” you’d expect the company to help your law firm successfully attract prospects ready to become your clients. To know for sure, keep reading to learn more about its platform, the different services it offers clients, and reviews from previous customers.

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What is Convert It Marketing?

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Convert It Marketing offers a platform for law firms to improve their online presence, attract more inbound calls from high-quality leads, and convert them into clients via automation.

Convert It Marketing Services Offered

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Convert It Marketing runs all its legal marketing services on its platform. You can access all progress and activities made on and for your website from the agency’s dashboard. This makes monitoring your campaigns and making website updates much easier. Below are the solutions you can manage from your client dashboard.

Website & Brands

The agency helps design a conversion-focused website for your law firm using the latest technology, like chat widgets and videos, to generate engagement. Convert It Marketing also takes care of regularly updating your site to reflect the changes in your legal business.

Its team also ensures that your site observes the best on-page and local SEO practices. Expect to receive monthly blog posts published on your site, an optimized Google Business Profile with accurate information, and 5-star reviews from satisfied clients. All these help grow your keyword rankings on search results.

Lead Generation

Search engine marketing is the way to go if you’re looking for quick results. Convert It Marketing helps you here by creating keyword-specific landing pages and bidding for highly targeted keywords to optimize your ad spending and conversion rates. The company can also manage your local service ads (LSAs) to maximize your Google exposure and get more high-quality phone calls.

Intake & Conversion

When prospects call your firm from your ad campaigns or contact you via live chat, Convert It Marketing is ready to answer them 24/7. Its team can transfer the call to you or gather their information if you’re not available. Its campaign tracking platform has marketing automation features where you can score your leads in your sales funnel and automatically follow up on leads to convert them into new clients.

Convert It Marketing Ratings Across Directories

Lawyerist gave Convert It Marketing a score of 3.6/5 stars. It appreciated the agency’s dedication to providing legal businesses a way to launch marketing campaigns and track the acquired leads from each. However, Lawyerist acknowledges that the agency doesn’t run the most advanced digital strategies–it can only do PPC and on-page SEO services and offers no other solution. 

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The digital marketing company received an average of  2.3/5 stars from three Upcity reviewers. Only one reviewer was happy with the website the company designed for its business. The other two were unhappy about the agency’s failed promises of “good leads,” only for its team to underdeliver by not delivering qualified leads to them.

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Top Client Results

A bankruptcy law firm hired Convert It Marketing for its PPC services. With a budget of $1,300, the agency generated 23 high-quality prospects and retained five clients, resulting in an 8x+ return on investment (ROI). 

The company achieved the same positive results for a criminal defense law firm. It generated nine sales-qualified leads and retained three clients on a $1,500 ad spend. The results are equivalent to a 5x+ ROI.

On The Map Marketing Vs. Convert It Marketing

Convert It MarketingOn The Map Marketing
Offers a platform where clients can log in and monitor their online marketing campaigns using paid ads and local SEO solutions.Lets clients monitor the agency’s local SEO efforts through TrackRight. They can log in anytime and see their local keyword rankings in real-time.
Tracks your leads and redirects all incoming calls from prospects your way. The agency can also get their information and list them in the platform’s marketing automation dashboard.Assigns a dedicated account manager who will discuss strategy to develop custom law firm marketing campaigns designed to achieve your goals. The manager will also oversee the performance and results to ensure that it’s generating leads for your law firm.
Only provides on-page SEO and PPC services. Doesn’t provide other marketing solutions that could greatly increase your law firm’s digital presence and lead generation efforts.Has a comprehensive selection of digital marketing solutions consisting of holistic SEO, PPC, and web design services to help you get the most out of your website and acquire more highly qualified prospects.
Has less than stellar reviews from users who claim that the agency overpromises and underdelivers.Has years of experience helping law firms from various practice areas grow their traffic and conversions, as seen from its well-documented case studies.

Convert It Marketing appears to provide law firms with a platform where they can manage their leads and successfully convert them into clients. Unfortunately, its past customers say otherwise, as the company failed to provide them with prospects, let alone sales-qualified ones. Also, its lack of SEO services prevents the agency from maximizing its clients’ online visibility.

You won’t experience these issues if you hire us at On The Map Marketing. Our SEO strategy includes creating optimized content and building links to your site for higher organic rankings. Our case studies also showcase the effectiveness of our services, regardless of your practice specialty. Get our free website marketing audit to know how we can move your business forward.