AttorneySync Legal Marketing and SEO: 2023 Review

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AttorneySync is one of the many different marketing agencies that may have come up in your research to hire for your law firm. Find out if the agency can take your site’s online visibility and lead generation campaign to the next level–learn the services it offers, what customers think about its services, and more.

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What is AttorneySync?

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AttorneySync is a lawyer-founded agency that provides legal businesses with marketing services guaranteed to generate more leads and clients for them.

AttorneySync Services Offered

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When subscribing to any of AttorneySync’s law firm marketing services, expect to receive transparent and meaningful results every month–no contracts required. Also, unlike certain companies, you will own everything the agency will do for you, like domain, content, and gathered data. That said, below are AttorneySync solutions to choose from:

Web Design

The agency is uninterested in designing websites that win awards for how beautiful they look. While AttorneySync ensures clients have a professional-looking website that matches their brand and business objectives, its primary goal is creating websites that convert visitors into leads or cases. 


Search engine optimization allows you to rank your site pages on top of organic and local search results for your target keywords. The agency does this by making technical improvements to your site, creating high-quality content, and building links to each one. It can also optimize your Google Business Profile and make it appear on the local 3-pack.


AttorneySync manages the media for your Google Ads campaign and ad spending to maximize its performance while keeping costs low. One thing to note, however, is that the team is not a Google Certified Partner.

Social Media Marketing

If you want to improve your brand’s presence on Facebook, AttorneySync can do this for you. It can also develop your LinkedIn profile as part of its reputation management services. Both can help get more people interested in your legal services, if not turn them into customers.


The agency will track and monitor the progress of its marketing campaign on your website using Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other reporting tools. AttorneySync will then collect data from these sources and send an easy-to-understand report regularly. It explains the results and what to do next to generate more leads and clients in the upcoming campaign.

AttorneySync Ratings Across Directories

AttorneySync got a 4.2/5 stars from Lawyerist. The site cites the agency creating sites that its clients own even when your contract ends with it and not working with competitors while working with your law firm as positives. On the other hand, Lawyerist criticized AttorneySync for not having offline advertising, video production, and web maintenance services.

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The company received a perfect 5/5 star rating from 47 Google users. Everybody enjoyed working with the agency due to its communication skills and responsiveness to all their queries. They also lauded the expertise of its trusted team in designing professional websites and launching digital marketing campaigns that deliver results. 

Top Client Results

While AttorneySync has client testimonials on its website, the agency has no published case studies or client success stories. It does say on its FAQ page that the agency doesn’t want to reveal client information. But without veritable proof of its services’ effectiveness on actual sites, choosing AttorneySync over agencies with client case studies is almost impossible.  

On The Map Marketing Vs. AttorneySync

AttorneySyncOn The Map Marketing
Offers legal marketing services to help attorneys and lawyers in various practice areas like personal injury and criminal defense to build brand awareness on search engines and social media.Provides marketing solutions help not only to law firms but also to other industries, like home services, real estate, and cosmetics.
Encourages market exclusivity by not serving law firms in direct competition with their current customers.Also offers exclusivity slots that clients must purchase to prevent the agency from offering its services to client competitors.
Doesn’t have dedicated pages for its online marketing solutions. So, you have to contact the agency to learn more about how the agency can promote your law firm online.Has pages for all its services to help you understand how we can help your legal business and decide whether to hire us for your marketing needs.
Doesn’t have case studies and success stories published on the website that could have showcased the effectiveness of its services.Has tons of published case studies from law firms that detail the challenges each firm was facing, what the agency did, and what the results of its hard work are.

Judging purely from Google reviews, AttorneySync appears to be one of the best digital legal marketing agencies promoting results to law firms. But upon closer look, there’s a disconnect between what users say and what visitors see on their website. There are no pages about its solutions and case studies to support customer testimonials, on top of missing key services, like web maintenance and brand design.

You won’t have these doubts with us at On The Map Marketing. We have tons of case studies that have produced results for clients in the legal space and other industries. We also have articulated our expertise in the services we offer, from website design to link building. Get a free website marketing audit to learn how we can help your law firm.