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We can define pay per click(PPC) management as the process of overseeing a company’s advertising strategies that can be done by a specialized and dedicated agency hired to manage PPC buys on their behalf. 

Many Houston PPC agencies know this advertising option available to clients. They are committed to generating results to keep their customers happy and attract new clients who seek PR management, video production, social advertising, and PPC strategies.

The pressure generated by showing positive results in a certain amount of limited time is real. When you are spending money on advertising a product for your company, you expect that all the invested dollars in PPC advertising will increase your brand reputation, help boost your search rankings and get more qualified leads to your page.

It truly works as a genuine compliment to your SEO strategies and brings some consistency to your final messaging. A Houston pay per click such as Cardinal, with more than 10 years of experience in PPC marketing. 

How Does PPC Advertising Work?

I am sure you have already asked yourself why ads that you have never expected to see in social media appear on your timeline, right? 

Well, there is a complete, automated process called ad auction, which is used by Google and other important and well-known search engines that consider this feature as a way of proving the relevance and validity of ads that show up on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

That is why it is essential to focus on keywords since this bidding system (the ad auction) is provided to advertisers who will bid on the terms they want to be displayed (the keywords).

Once you need to pay for each click on an ad, it is imperative to just bid on keywords relevant to your business as a way of not spending on your ad but getting ROI for it. Also, keyword tools can really help you get to the right keywords to bid on (the ones that are not expensive but, at the same time, drive sales or conversions).

Some of the questions clients need to ask themselves before hiring a PPC marketing company must be based on their goals and expectations. Defining them clearly is extremely helpful for both sides in order to succeed. The goals may include:

  • Awareness building for the client’s brand
  • Increase in the number of visitors to a landing page
  • More qualified leads added to the client´s automated sales funnel
  • More sales of a specific category of products

Features Which Define a Great PPC Agency

What do clients look for when searching for a great PPC agency? 

A great agency will deliver results, analytics, and data and understand how to use numbers to create strategies for new ideas that will undoubtedly improve your overall ROI. Also, they notice how important it is to collect as much information as possible to be shared with you, the client.

Another point to be considered is the extensive database of campaigns already run,  the partnered leading search and social media platforms. In Houston, Texas, there are several PPC agencies with more than 10 years of expertise helping companies in the fields of healthcare, hospitality, dental marketing, law firms, and restaurants.

When it comes to PPC campaigns, focusing on the right PPC channels is the key to success in digital and PPC marketing. Depending on your goal, the agency chosen will direct all the attention to a specified marketing channel as well as the right platforms to be explored. So, we have to add that each campaign is and should be exclusive, and that not all PPC agencies are the same.

The plans made by a Houston PPC agency are customized to really fit client and company needs, as it should value and understand that money is not to be wasted. An agency must work alongside you in order to decide which combination of tools best suits your needs and expectations.

Optimizing Your Campaigns for ROI

As we have already mentioned, for a PPC agency, every single click matters. Houston PPC management therefore takes a proactive approach, especially when advertising on the most relevant and known channels such as Facebook, Bing, LinkedIn, or Google.

So which strategies are used to generate results and optimize the PPC strategies?

Ad Copy Testing

This is a form of market research that defines the potential success of an ad through customer feedback. It enables advertisers to predict whether an ad will be successful even before they pay for its online promotion.

Keyword Target Updates

Knowing if a particular keyword or phrase used on a website is relevant and efficient for traffic is essential when expecting great results from the search engines.

Phone Call Tracking

Tracking phone calls can be a great strategy if you seek to capture data from the calls to understand the leads and marketing statistics.


This is a great strategy used by a PPC agency if you wish to position your ads in front of the right audience while they browse Google or any other search engines or partner websites. It is a powerful way to connect with people who have previously interacted with your app or website, and also works to improve brand awareness, for instance.

Landing Page Testing

The goal here is to convert the visitor into a customer, and just like an elevator pitch, a landing page gives an accurate introduction to your brand, services, and products offered, as well as the problems that can be solved by them. 

There are two types of landing page testing: A/B Testing (or Split Testing, when two versions of a landing page are tested in order to see which one of them is the most effective version) and Multivariate Testing (to evaluate hypotheses before applying them at scale, lowering risk and improving upside).

Click Fraud Monitoring

Click fraud is one of the most common fraudulent strategies found in digital marketing. It is defined by repeated clicks on a PPC ad to generate fraudulent charges, and as a consequence, it can lower conversion rates and drive up ad costs.

Strategic Bid Management

Bid management involves following the whole for a business or company and, in order for it to be successful, it is important to have someone in charge of it (a PPC agency).

Rule-based Bidding Management

A rule-based approach is considered extremely important as a strategy used by Houston pay per click agencies to analyze each item (such as keywords). It is the process of raising or lowering the bids strategically as a way of getting the most out of the Google Ads budget, for example.

Such bids have a direct impact where Google Ads appear in the results, and it will determine how much needs to be paid every time someone clicks on your ad.

Lead Tracking

This can be characterized by the documentation and categorization of prospective customers based on individual actions and sales rep. When such actions are documented, the agency can point out prospects at each phase of the funnel or sales pipeline.

Industry and Competitor Analysis

It is crucial for any firm or business to have a practical set of methods to be analyzed. By doing this, it is possible to quickly grasp how and the improvements needed. 

Partnering Up With a PPC Agency

The specialists within Houston digital marketing companies make their PPC management a way to create winning strategies for businesses based in and aroundHouston, Texas.This city breathes and lives technology, so the PPC agencies want to help your business be an expert when it comes to digital marketing.
Houston PPC agencies use the latest and most up-to-date technological features and programs. They promise to run your PPC marketing campaigns and give you space to come up with your own ideas and what you consider relevant to help grow your business.

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