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At face value, Straight North says the right things as a digital marketing agency. But how exactly can it lead your digital journey to success with its targeted solutions? Read on to learn more about its services, customer reviews, and case studies and help you decide whether to hire the agency for your marketing needs.

Note: We have perfected our process of developing marketing strategies and campaigns for businesses in the home services industry to great success. Reach out to us to know how we can do the same for your company.

What is Straight North?

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Straight North is a US-based, full-service internet marketing agency with a proven track record of growing businesses in various sizes and types. The agency does this by providing each one with a marketing strategy drawing from the best tactics tailored to their needs.

Straight North Services Offered

It’s one thing to offer results-based marketing services to clients, which Straight North does. The agency also collaborates with clients for input and feedback on how to proceed with its marketing initiatives. Its team of highly skilled digital professionals is focused on finding and resolving issues keeping your site from growing to unlock the potential of your business.

Below are the services that allow them to do these.


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The company’s SEO services have a proven track record of delivering results for its clients in various industries regardless of size. Straight North’s efforts in link acquisition and copywriting help businesses rank higher on search rankings and convert visitors into customers. On the other hand, its campaign performance reporting keeps the agency honest and accountable with its SEO strategy.

Paid Advertising

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Choose from Straight North’s paid advertising solutions, which include search, shopping display, and social ads. The agency makes smart decisions by leveraging AI to optimize the bids and budget for your ads. It also implements changes to your landing pages using the best practices for increasing their performance upon launching your ad campaigns.

Web Design & Development

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To help convince your target audience to pick your brand over your competitors, Straight North’s website development solutions design a conversion-focused site that meets your needs and budget. Its in-house team of designers analyzes user data to help dictate the proposed changes for your site design. They then collaborate with you to bring the approved website design to life.

Creative Services

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The agency’s expert designers and copywriters collaborate with your company to bring the strategic direction of your brand message, mission, and vision to life. You can then use the brand identity its team creates here for you on traditional marketing materials and to establish your brand standards.

Straight North Ratings Across Directories

123 verified Clutch reviewers highly recommend Straight North, which received an average star rating of 4.7/5. Almost all reviews attest to the agency’s ability to produce consistent work, meet requirements ahead of time, and formulate strong content and SEO strategies. Most of the less-than-stellar reviews pointed out that the Straight North team could work on the comprehensiveness and cadence of their client reports.

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The online marketing company scored a 3.9/5 average star rating from 14 G2 users. Straight North treated most of its clients with effective SEO and web design services. On the other hand, a few were disappointed with how the agency managed its PPC campaigns due to a lack of ROI, as written in their reviews.

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Top Client Results

Gene May Heating & Cooling hired Straight North to resolve its need for more organic website traffic. The agency revamped HVAC company’s ongoing SEO campaign by refining keyword targeting and publishing optimized and well-written content, both of which were complemented by its link building initiatives. The campaign resulted in a 366% year-over-year increase and the generation of 128 valid leads.

Aligned Modern Health trusted Straight North for the same problems as the company above–not enough traffic and leads from search engines. The agency developed SEO-friendly content for the chiropractic healing company’s main pages, optimized on-site forms, and implemented tracking to monitor conversions. The result is a 53% increase in organic traffic and a 53% boost in sales leads.

On The Map Marketing Vs. Straight North

Straight NorthOn The Map Marketing
An internet marketing agency that focuses on organic SEO to help businesses with a budget of over $10,000 from different industries increase their online visibility and generate more leads and clients A digital marketing company offering full solutions guaranteed to improve their digital presence of HVAC, plumbing, contractor, and roofing businesses across various channels.
Has well-documented case studies from satisfied clients about its team’s performance and expertise in helping them acquire more traffic and conversions from their sites.Shares client success stories for all the businesses the agency worked with, starting with their initial issues and ending with how its team of digital experts resolved them.
Helps develop a visual brand for your small business that will be used in marketing print-outs and to establish brand consistency.Provides access to TrackRight, a local rank tracking tool for monitoring local SEO performance.

Straight North checks all the boxes as far as being a competent digital marketing service provider is concerned. Aside from its SEO and PPC solutions, Its creative services are perfect for local businesses leveraging brochures and collateral as part of their event and in-person marketing strategy.

But if you want to focus on online marketing that’s a bang for your buck, On The Map Marketing is another company you should look at. Its results-driven services and customer support can help your business generate more clients and revenue. We can audit your website for free if we have a mutual fit. Reach out to us with your business requirements to get things started.