Blue Corona Review 2024

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For a home services business owner like you, Blue Corona is one of the most respected and well-reputed in the industry. But remember that reputation alone can’t drive lots of website traffic and generate more conversions for your company. Keep reading to see if Blue Corona is the real deal by looking at its services, customer reviews, and case studies.

Note: While Blue Corona is a great agency, you can also consider On The Map Marketing for your marketing needs. We’ve delivered stellar results across a range of clients in the HVAC industry — including plumbing and contractor businesses, among others. Get in touch with your requirements and our marketing experts will share how we can grow your HVAC business.

What is Blue Corona?

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Blue Corona is a digital marketing company dedicated to helping local home service businesses. It vows to eliminate ineffective advertising strategies and provides services guaranteed to generate more leads and clients, expediting business growth.

Blue Corona Services Offered

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Before the agency offers its online marketing solutions to your home services company, it can run a free SEO analysis of your website. If you don’t have a site yet, fill out its form so you can contact an account rep to discuss your needs. Depending on the gathered information, its team formulates a strategy to increase your business’s online presence and ability to convert traffic into clients. Below are the techniques they implement to achieve this:

Lead Generation

The key to getting more online customers for your business is to attract highly qualified leads to your website. Blue Corona does this mainly through SEO. The marketing agency makes finding your site easier for search engines and helps it appear on local and global search results. It then implements the best on- and off-page practices to increase its rankings so more people can see your web pages.

To complement its SEO efforts, Blue Corona can launch a paid ads campaign for your business. Its Local Services Ads by Google and Yelp Ads allow your website to acquire more prospects in the short term while maximizing your budget. The company also helps build your email list and create custom email content for your subscribers to win them back as clients.

Budget Optimization

Blue Corona values data produced by its marketing campaigns. It gathers the site’s performance and conducts a competitive analysis before generating a report for your review. Using this data, the agency will tweak its strategy to improve lead capture efforts like outbound inbound marketing initiatives. It also launches a lead recovery plan so you don’t lose prospects in the middle of your marketing funnel.

Brand Differentiation

Making your business stand out from the pack can help improve your home services business’s client acquisition efforts. Blue Corona offers web design services to make your site look professional and functional to visitors in the best possible way. Its social media marketing solutions let you engage with your audience to turn them into loyal followers of your brand.

Blue Corona Ratings Across Directories

The company received an average star rating of 4.8/5 from 135 users, according to Birdeye, which combines Blue Corona reviews from various sources. Most reviews praised the agency’s marketing knowledge and helpful customer support. But the latest review featured here was from three years ago, which may not reflect what Blue Corona is today.

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The agency got a 4.9/5 overall rating from 96 Google reviews. Everybody was mostly satisfied with the level of marketing strategy and campaigns Blue Corona has been launching for their businesses. The reviews are from a few weeks ago as of writing, showing that they maintain the same level of service and customer support to this day. Even better, the agency replies to all reviews, whether good or not so good.

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Top Client Results

Arctic Air Conditioning sought out Blue Corona to help the HVAC company manage the high volume of calls it receives, mainly in part of the agency’s marketing campaign it also launched for the company prior. The agency offered its Lead Recovery services to book an additional 100 jobs without spending extra on marketing costs. Its efforts resulted in $81,219 more revenue for the company.

Another HVAC and plumbing company, American Vintage Home wanted an agency that could help them compete against its tough online competitors. Blue Corona was up for the challenge by ramping up the company’s SEO efforts. It optimized existing pages and the site’s structure while creating new pages targeting industry-relevant keywords. Over time, the company ranked over 500 keywords on page one of Google and generated $2.5 million in revenue from SEO alone.

On The Map Marketing Vs. Blue Corona

Blue CoronaOn The Map Marketing
Experienced digital marketing company specific to home services business owners. Generates leads and helps convert them into clients and sales.A home services online marketing agency that leverages the best web design, SEO, and PPC practices to provide business owners with results-driven strategies and campaigns.
A dedicated account manager provides full support for your questions and concerns. Also sends you detailed and easy-to-understand monthly reports.Aside from providing you with a knowledge account rep, it gives you access to TrackRight so you can monitor your local keyword rankings anytime and at your own convenience.
Has good testimonials on Google from its most recent clients but nothing more recent than three years ago from other review sites.Has sterling case studies and reviews online from its most recent clients across various industries.

Blue Corona is a leading digital marketing agency that serves a range of home service businesses. It offers lead gen and inbound marketing services among others, and even tries to optimize your budget. If you’re looking for a reliable agency with these skill sets, it’s a fit. 

But if you’re looking for results-driven home services SEO and PPC — whether you’re a contractor, roofer, or any other home business owner — then consider alternatives like On The Map Marketing. Our customer service is responsive and our services are value for money. We even offer a free audit to businesses we’ve a mutual fit with. Contact us with your business requirements to learn more.