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When looking for a web design company in Fort Myers to build or expand your current website, you want to choose a full-service company of techno-creatives designers and developers, sharp project managers, and expressive content writers who can do it all for you, like we can here at On The Map Marketing.

Integrating Social Media

Social media marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools a business can use to increase their brand awareness and interact with their customers. There are billions of Facebook accounts all over the world and many of those users log on multiple times a day. Twitter is great for sharing links and images to inform audiences. But Instagram outperforms all other social media platforms for driving sales and revenue. Because of the emphasis on visuals and the ease of being able to click through to a website right from the app, businesses are finding that Instagram is helping them to drive up revenue and engage with their customers through creative campaigns. You can encourage your target audience to advertise for your brand, for example, by encouraging them to post pictures of themselves with your product and use your hashtags. Their friends and followers will want to know what the buzz is about, and will check you out. 

But if there’s no top-quality landing page for your visitors to go to, then they will leave your website to visit a competitor’s website. When visitors get to your homepage, they expect it to be designed well. This is why integrating your social media with your website design and development is a smart move to help your business grow and attract more customers.

UX/UI Design

User Experience Design (UX) and User Interface Design (UI) are two parts of the website design and development. UX relates to interactions users have with your website, how using your website makes them feel and how easy it is for them to navigate your website. Whereas UI is focused on the look and presentation of your website and it’s interactivity.

Responsive design is more than just about making sure that your website fits whatever screen your visitors are viewing it from. It means that your website is optimized in every way so that the user can easily interact with your website. You want users to be able to be able to find the information they need, be able to sign up for a mailing list and make secure transactions easily on your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Our SEO experts at On The Map start every campaign with a thorough research and analysis phase to get to know you, your business, your audience, and what your goals are. We then conduct keyword analysis to see what keywords are working for you and your competitors. Then we figure out which method would be better for your goals, whether that’s pay-per-click or search engine optimization. Both of these work at hand-in-hand, but you can just use one method. The combination of these two, however, allow you to get great short-term and long-term results.

If your website does not have quality content then there is no reason for your users to visit it. That is why our cadre of talented writers create content for Fort Myers businesses using targeted keywords to entice their audience to become customers and return to their website. Quality content integrating the targeted keywords is what we excel at. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses all over the U.S. to dominate on search engine results pages, and we can do the same for you.

E-commerce Services

Starting your own online shop, or expanding your current online shop, is a very exciting opportunity for a business. Making online shopping faster, easier, and safer for your customers is our goal here at On The Map Marketing. When setting up your e-commerce store there is a lot of integration that can happen between your social media accounts and your online shop. We use some of the top platforms in the industry to fuel your business and help you achieve your sales goals without paying exorbitantly high costs to run your online store.

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