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How SEO Can Work for a Fort Myers Business

If you’ve lived or worked in the Fort Myers area over the past decade, you’ve probably noticed something: Fort Myers is growing. The population, the construction, and yes, the economy. While the 2010 Census had the population of Fort Myers proper at around 62,000, estimates in 2018 were a robust 82,000. Growth like that doesn’t happen without creating additional opportunities, and if you’re in business, you need to capitalize on those potential gains.

For a Fort Myers SEO Company like On The Map Marketing, the opportunity comes with connecting all of those businesses with the customers who will purchase and subscribe to their goods and services. Search engine optimization makes your business visible to customers who want and need your product, but may not otherwise know of your existence. 


Many owners and managers of smaller businesses feel that they don’t have enough room in their budget for advertising. Instead, they rely on their storefront signage, word of mouth, and personal social media accounts to spread the word about their practice, firm, or shop. While these are all relatively important steps to getting the word out about your business, they fall short of being able to achieve what even a limited SEO campaign is able to.

Search engine optimization works on the fundamental principle that potential customers will do the work to find the products that they want. Google processes approximately 5.5 billion searches every day, but only a tiny fraction of those would be relevant to your Fort Myers business, so it’s important that your website appears when the right people are looking for a good or service that you provide. By targeting the geographic region that you operate in, the target demographic that you’re trying to reach, and most importantly, the keywords that they are likely to use while searching for your product, our Fort Myers SEO company can drive traffic to your page. 

Blueprint for a Successful SEO Campaign

We have over ten years of experience in Search Engine Optimization and at the risk of sounding immodest, we’ve gotten exceptionally good at helping companies climb the Google rankings, but that’s really only half the battle. A successful SEO campaign is multi-faceted and occurs in overlapping phases.

Keyword Research

All great SEO campaigns start with keyword research. Certain words and phrases garner more traffic on Google than others. It’s essential to know which ones have the highest volume in order to optimize your site and content for those terms. Various synonyms have more importance to Google than others. Even the order of the words can make a difference. At On The Map Marketing, our Fort Myers SEO experts use state-of-the-arts software and services to be able to pick the optimal keywords and key phrases for our clients’ campaigns. 

Web Design

Whether you have an existing site or you are just starting a new business and need a whole new site to market your enterprise, our web designers and analysts can get your company outfitted for optimal performance. If you already have a site that you’re fond of, we can make suggestions and run diagnostics to ensure that it’s fast, efficient, and keeps your visitors engaged. Is the architecture of your site logical? If not, we can reorder your pages under dropdown menus and interlink supporting pages to authority pages. We can also make sure that your site doesn’t have errors, deadlinks, or any other sort of non-functioning feature that will make Google rank it lower. If you need a whole new site, our web developers build sites with performance in mind. 


One of the most important aspects of any search-engine-optimized website is content. When an individual enters a search term into Google, the search engine sends out crawlers over the entire web. These crawlers are tiny bits of code that read your website instantaneously, searching for matching terms. Sites prioritize words in order of importance and the crawlers know how to read that prioritization. For instance, this page has an H1 header of “#1 Fort Myers SEO Company” and a number of subheaders under that. Google would consider the H1 header to be more important than the subheaders and the subheaders to be more important than the blocks of content. But Google crawlers aren’t all you have to worry about. Your visitors will read and judge your content. If it’s good and useful, they will stay. If not, they’ll bounce off your page onto another site. 


What is the point of building a beautiful site and driving traffic to it if your potential customers leave without becoming clients? An effective SEO campaign not only improves Google rankings but improves conversions. Our Fort Myers SEO and web design experts can design or redesign your website with the objective of converting clients in mind. We also have tracking software that can determine when improvements need to be implemented. 

Why Choose our Fort Myers SEO Services?

Whether your business expansion has plateaued or you have a thriving company but are looking to dominate your respective market, search engine optimization offers a proven, cost-effective, and immediately implementable solution. The U.S. SEO industry is estimated to be worth an annual $80 billion in revenues. That’s not because it’s expensive—quite the opposite. Tens of billions of dollars are flocking to SEO because it’s relatively cheap compared to other forms of advertising—and it works. If you’re own or manage a Fort Myers business, your website should be making you money. Contact one of our Fort Myers SEO experts today to learn how.

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Smart keyword research and strategy

Based on your business goals and your audience’s problems, we’ll map the subjects to profitable keywords you can target to grow your website. Then we’ll create a keyword-backed content plan that takes your site’s authority and the keyword competition in SERPs into account.

We have one of the most thorough link building target evaluation strategies in the industry. After conducting a thorough backlink gap analysis, we create a detailed plan that focuses on getting links from topically relevant websites and also from authoritative websites.

Content that appeals to both search engines and humans

Our professional writers craft high quality content that not only ranks in search — but engages and persuades your readers. So you’ll get in the good books of both: Google and your customers.

Precise on-page SEO

We use industry leading tools like Surfer SEO to create optimized content using important keywords in prominent locations on the page for every keyword we target. Once published, we also take care of internal linking, meta tags, other technical on page SEO aspects to give a page the best shot to rank.

Dominate local rankings for your target locations

For any local business, getting one of the top 3 local spots in Google Maps is a prime source of high quality leads. Our local SEO specialists will conduct a competitor analysis for your key target locations. Then they will optimize your GMB, build citations, and create a comprehensive plan to dominate local rankings.

Robust technical SEO

Can search engine bots read the content of your website and index it? Does it load quickly and offer an engaging user experience so that readers don’t jump off your website? Our SEO services start with a site audit that evaluates technical debt (like the above parameters) that may be preventing your site from ranking to its full potential.

Award-winning SEO experts

On The Map Marketing is a truly global digital marketing agency. The team is constantly growing to meet the needs of our clients, with over 50 people filling the conference rooms, offices and sales floors.

Each person is important to us because we wouldn’t be here without our clients. Each business is important because it’s the passion of business owners that gives us our motivation and direction when building their online presence.

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