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With over a decade in business, we have a history of experience throughout the many changes to online trends, and our track record of successes shows that we have what it takes to keep delivering high-quality web traffic to a wide range of clients and industries in Fort Lauderdale

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Our goal as a Fort Lauderdale marketing agency is to help our clients grow their businesses and to succeed in their industries through calculated and effective digital marketing campaigns. This means that our Lauderdale team must also be aware of new marketing methods, trends, analytics technologies, and how all of these are far more effective than traditional marketing.

More and more people are glued to their screens, whether they are mobile apps, tablets, laptop computers or flatscreen TVs. All of these are valuable places to advertise and increase brand awareness. Digital marketing focuses on getting in front of users who are on the internet, rather than focusing on commercials and radio. You’ll see the greater reach and more flexibility when you improve your digital marketing efforts. There are over 1.62 billion users who log onto Facebook every single day. There are over 5 billion Google searches a day. With all these opportunities to reach people, it makes sense to incorporate all of your digital marketing efforts and to have one team lead everything.

Content Writing

No matter what your website is about, your content needs to be great. It’s not enough to just know people who write well. Content writers need to be able to emulate your company voice and tone to match your specific audience. The type of content needed for a law firm’s website is going to be different then the language you use for an online soap shop. But users to both websites will expect content to be fresh, relevant, and professionally written.

Everyone has experienced at least one website that went on and on about the writer’s personal opinions before it came to a semi-helpful sentence or two about what you were searching for. This often happens with recipe websites where short novels must be waded through before getting to the relevant content at the bottom. At On The Map Marketing, we always provide fresh content that your users will want to read and share with others.

Social Media Marketing

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to increase your brand awareness and sales is to improve your social media presence. One brilliant move that a lot of companies have done is simplifying the checkout process to purchase an advertised product. When users see products that are advertised on social media, they can click on a link that takes them to a landing page to choose which of the advertised products they want to find out more about. From there, it’s just a few clicks and their purchase is complete. Social media also makes it easy for users to share your website with their friends and followers. Users on websites such as Twitter and Instagram can repost your posts, which generates more traffic to your social media website.

Search Engine Optimization 

Keywords are the words that your users type into Google or another search engine in order to find your website.  If you want to rank for certain keywords, then you should include them in all of your content, as well as your headers, title tags, and meta-descriptions. Researching to find out what your competitors’ keywords are is a great place to start. By using that information, you can improve your own search engine ranking in comparison to them. This process, however, does take some time. Fort Lauderdale SEO is great for long-term marketing goals.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising 

Unlike SEO, you do not have to wait for PPC to work. Everyone has seen an example of PPC. When you type keywords into a Google search, you see ads above the fold or the organic search results. Those are the PPC ads. By placing a paid ad in this portion of Google search results pages, you increase brand awareness and are more likely to drive traffic to your website.

It is highly recommended to use a combination of SEO strategies with PPC. The reason is that SEO takes longer to get results, sometimes even months. PPC works immediately but it is paid for. So you can choose a strategy that includes paying for less expensive keywords, and focusing on organic growth for the more expensive ones.

Mobile App and Website Development 

If you’re looking to build an app for your users, and you want it to be connected to your website, then On The Map Marketing can meet your needs. From research to UX/UI design to launch, our team will walk you through the process of building or expanding your website and connecting an app with it. Your users will enjoy easier interaction with your website, and you will enjoy the increase in sales. 

Website Development

There are many different factors that are incorporated into building a great website, but here are just a few things to think about. Some factors that turn users away from websites are long page loading speeds or not being optimized for mobile use. If a user has to wait more than three seconds in order to view a web page or a video, then they will are more likely to exit out of that website and visit another one. This is why optimizing your website for images, videos, and any other content is extremely important. Additionally, if a website looks great on a desktop computer but it is very difficult to use on a mobile phone, then more people will refuse to visit it. It’s very annoying to have to turn your phone in different ways in order to view a website, so if there is a friendlier website then users will begin to use that one. The smarter idea is to follow tried-and-true design principles that encourage a positive user experience.

App Development

Having an app is a great way to increase customer engagement and keep customers connected to your brand. Some apps allow users to record information, such as workouts. Others allow users to engage with each other, similar to social media apps but only for users within a certain niche. On The Map Marketing can help you meet your audience’s needs!

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We have been able to follow and strictly adhere to this code by building a team of some of the brightest and most talented web developers, designers and SEO consultants in the industry. Our team is driven to be the best at what we do and to never compromise. We can only grow through the work we offer to our clients.

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What digital marketing services do we offer?

Search is one of the reliable and scalable marketing channels. If you want to grow your business online, investing in SEO is a no brainer. With over a decade of experience in the most competitive markets (including metros), our marketing team will have a ball with creating a robust SEO strategy to scale your traffic.

With a decade of website design experience, our team now has expertise in creating visually stunning designs that make a mark on your visitors. Your prospects will remember you because of your custom design, and search engines will love crawling and ranking it because of its strong technical foundation.

Smart pay per click advertising

The fastest way to rank on the first page of Google and get instant traction of high quality leads is Google ads. Our PPC marketers have run successful campaigns in the most competitive markets with a CPC of over $ 1000. They will set up your ads account and manage it, continuously optimizing your ROI.

Want a mobile app to swerve your audience on small devices? We research and analyze your sketch boards to create a roadmap for developing your app. Then our full-stack team of UX and UI designers will get their hands dirty to ensure your app has a sticky user experience and is visually appealing to your audience.

Persuasive content marketing

Beyond writing content that satisfies the search intent for a target keyword as efficiently and effectively as possible, our content marketers specialize in emotionally connecting with a target audience. Your content strategy will be data-backed, and your content will strike chords with your ideal target customers.

Social media management

Organic social media is now majorly a brand awareness medium for brands. We’ll identify the top channels where your audience hangs out and chart a strategy to communicate with them. We also run social media advertising campaigns to generate some leads from your social presence if your budget allows.

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On The Map Marketing is located in beautiful downtown Miami. The team is constantly growing to meet the needs of our clients, with over 50 people filling the conference rooms, offices and sales floors.

Each person is important to us because we wouldn’t be here without our clients. Each business is important because it’s the passion of business owners that gives us our motivation and direction when building their online presence.

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