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When customers or clients visit your social media pages, they’ll often be redirected back to your website where they will make a transaction or schedule a reservation, learn more about you, learn more about the field yourself or your company is part of and to find your contact information. Once they get to your website you want them to have a positive user experience that will encourage them to come back, become loyal clients, and tell others.

Why You Should Hire a Web Designer

This story plays itself out again and again. A smart and business-savvy individual hears about making money on the internet or using the internet to improve their real business. So they build a site, write a few blog posts, and put up a couple of graphics. They pay for a website with templates that are easy to use, even if they’re a bit cliche. But after several months they realize they aren’t getting any return on their investment on their website. In fact, they’re not getting much traffic at all. They decide to start experimenting with the different strategies they read about in the plethora of books you can find out there that promise to make you a lot of money. And even after all that effort, the strategy still fails. 

A lot goes into building and maintaining a website, more than simply picking a template and writing about how many years of education or experience you have. A website designer knows about paid advertisements, content creation, UI/UX design, search engine optimization, conversion funnels or Google Analytics. 


By using data information and management, web designers can monitor complex systems, find opportunities for growth, fix areas that are slowed down, and make informed decisions. For example, analysts collect data on what your visitors are doing on your site and what their experiences are. If they notice that a page is not doing particularly well, the design could be one of the problems.

Testing And Review

Before launching, you will have an opportunity to review the site for visuals for final approvals. These include everything from making sure the fonts are uniform and in line with the brand to fine-tuning inconsistencies and verifying that the site is thoroughly integrated and functional. You will also want to make sure it works across various browsers and devices.

Most people are accessing websites through some sort of mobile device. Without accommodating graphics and text for mobile devices, otherwise known as optimizing your website, your users will be frustrated and might even turn to a competitor. You don’t want to lose profits over a simple placement of a button, a hard-to-find menu that you have to hover over in one precise spot, or a menu that just doesn’t drop down. 

Trends In A Competitive Market

So many different companies are competing for attention in the Metro Miami area. The vast changes in information technology within the last few years have changed how the game is played. 

Doral is an exploding business community, so people in Doral are always on the go. They are professionals who are hip and love to explore new trends. Mostly, though, they’re driven by a need for success. Having a well-designed website is part of the key to that success. 

Working with a firm will help your marketing team come up with a site that doesn’t just suit your brand, but clearly makes a statement about it as soon as clients come to the homepage. Rather than have broken links, navigation issues, or long wait times when making a transaction, they will have a positive user experience where they have all of their needs met quickly. They may also have plenty of opportunities, or calls to action, where they are prompted to join email lists, become a member, or join the conversation online. In this sense, your website becomes your number one sales tool.

Additionally, there are many laws that affect Florida advertising and marketing companies that professionals will be aware of to ensure that you’re abiding by all regulations. 


Fresh content drives people to your website and encourages them to share what you’ve written, participate in groups (if applicable), and develop more confidence in you over time as you educate or entertain them as an authority. Content comes in the form of videos, pictures, posters, and blog posts. Many times the videos and graphics will also be used on social media sites, or only used on social media sites to link back to your website where you give more information after piquing your readers’ interests. 


Links are what help you build your audience by building authority. Think of links as information that can back your claims. These links show that you’ve done your research. Sites with high authority are government agencies, research universities, professional websites and many more. There are two important things to think about when it comes to links and great web design: backlinking and navigation.


This is when another website, such as a blogger your same field that you have built a partnership with, suggests their own readers to check out your site. For example, if On The Map Marketing wanted to write a blog linking to the phrase Doral Web Design Company then readers will be enticed to go to that site to learn more. Backlinking builds authority and improves your ranking. If the other blogs and sites that are linking to your site rank higher than yours, then your ranking will likely go up as well.


A well-designed website is easy to navigate. Users have no problems finding updates on important topics, seeing the most recent content (i.e. blogs, videos) or making a transaction. Links that connect to other websites need to be checked often, and a solid web designer not only has a way to check them but to also buy the domain names of sites no longer functioning if that is a choice your brand wants to do. 

Leave It to a Doral Web Design Company

You’re the expert in law, dentistry, jewelry-making, or yoga. A website designed with your niche and needs in mind with room to grow as your company does is what we do at On The Map Marketing. We ensure you have a smoothly-functioning site so you can get back to focusing on your clients and growing your target audience. 

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