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SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, marketing is the use of several methods to increase traffic to your website. SEO is a low-cost, high-result process that utilizes already existing resources to suit your marketing needs. Search engines have become the primary way for people to look up businesses like yours, and On The Map Marketing specializes in raising your rank in those search engines. The DJ industry is highly competitive and the only way to keep up with your peers is to make sure your name headlines search result pages.

2018 DJ Digital Marketing Trends

Your marketing campaign will involve taking advantage of trends that have fully materialized over recent years. Like with traditional marketing certain directions are made in digital marketing to better acclimate to a constantly evolving and changing consumer base. But unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing has much more versatile, flexible, and adaptable qualities that allow for more available speed and quality of service. There are over a billion websites, we aim to make sure that you are connected and using the most popular ones to your advantage.

Social Media

The most popular change to the internet in recent years has been the rise of social media sites.  They have become platforms for every type of business and provide ample opportunity for entrepreneurs such as those in the DJ business. Social media brings information about opportunities available and spreads information you want to voice like wildfire within moments. How you use the platforms is up to you, but the more efficiently they are handled the better off your business will be.

Online Opinion

As a DJ you need to know how to make sure your reputation gets the boost it needs from your online standing. People are able to criticize and spread opinions in moments, with clients looking for this kind information in order to know whether or not you fit their needs and standards. Too many negative, or too few, reviews will leave a bad impression on your client base and send them to the competition. Make sure you are the first choice by having reviews place you above others in your area.

Custom Content

We work with you to create content that will keep the clients coming back and invested in your website. Blogs, articles, videos, or even podcasts have all become popular ways to convey business news to an audience. Websites that update frequently are visited and revisited much more on average by clients. By keeping your postings up on all available platforms you keep interest up and use your resources to their full advantage.

Expected DJ ROI

Return on investment, or ROI, is based off of the quality of opportunity you decide to place your trust in. Digital marketing and SEO are investments that have been proven itself to be reliable time and time again with consistent statistics. By enhancing the quality of your site and bringing in more traffic you create a greater opportunity for business. On average, 1,000 visits to your site will translate into at around 4% of clients purchasing your services. The statistics show that increased traffic equals increased chance at pay. Increased traffic comes from better search engine rankings and a site that better attracts clients, making SEO a sound business strategy for any DJ in need of marketing exposure and business.

The Length of Your DJ Marketing Marketing Campaign

The time needed to complete the marketing plan varies due to several factors. A campaign from the ground up is a very different project than for a website that is in need of revitalization. Age, content, condition and any previous SEO work are all considered when gauging how low it will take to make sure our services reach the standards you pay for. Growth is continuous as well, which means that your business will continue seeing expansion with SEO even after out part in the process is finished.

Marketing a Local DJ

For a DJ, business is usually found within the local area where you are able to provide your services to clients who are nearby. When your client base is in close vicinity, this means that a local marketing campaign will appropriately suit your needs. Whenever a search is made online there is a high chance that location will become involved, which means that in searching DJ’s in your area it is important to focus your efforts of ranking at the top of search engine result pages. The top ranking results for search engines are usually picked, and fiercely contested for a musical profession like DJ. However, we are able to also prepare your SEO to handle larger audiences if you are aiming for national of even global results.

Digital Marketing Platforms Guaranteed to Increase Revenue for DJ Businesses

We here at On The Map Marketing make sure that you understand our process and work to avoid any confusion during your marketing campaign. To this effect we provide plenty of informative and detailed pages made to benefit you. There are pages so that you may learn more about our website development planning or SEO strategies and what you are able to do during these tasks. We also make sure that you know exactly what you are paying for in, our pricing for  Pay-per-click and the social media services we are able to provide are easily viewable.

Digital Media Benefits to Your DJ Marketing Strategy

Digital media has many obvious benefits over traditional media, the marketing aspects of these fields just widen the gap of use. When using digital marketing you have platforms, tools, and ability that traditional marketing cannot match. Even without SEO you will find that utilizing the advantages of digital marketing completely outstrips any disadvantages. The application of SEO makes it so that your business may fully benefit from digital media’s incredible number of possibilities.

An Endless Audience to DJ For

Traditional marketing has many limits, but digital marketing transcends the former’s expectations in the scope, range, and sheer number represented by the possible client base you could access. The internet is not limited by any time limit like TV, radio or newspaper meaning that people may view your advertisements at any time. An online presence is also easily seen within moments, by anyone who cares to look. Your audience is ready and waiting, all you have to do is reach out and make them interested in hearing you play.

Scaling DJ Business

The more business you receive, the more you are going want to grow. It is natural to want to see your revenue and client base expand, you should not be stopped from doing so. Digital marketing and media grows alongside you, reflecting your development as quickly or as slowly as you want them to. Digital media thrives on expansion and digital marketing scales up to your needs as well as displays how you have thrived.

Higher ROI

Investing is a risky business, you want more chance at better returns with less chance at any loss. Digital marketing and SEO are investments with greater benefits than there are chances, because the resources you already have are the things being optimized. Non-digital forms of marketing run the gambit of failing or falling prey to factors outside your control. By focusing your efforts online you take charge of a series of factors that you are able to control.

Customer Interaction

Now, more than ever, customers are able to interact with businesses and provide their opinions and feedback. Digital marketing not only makes customers feel more involved, but gives you additional avenues to explore in terms of advertising. Social media links and connections to review apps are quick and easy ways to build up your online presence. The more interaction you allow the more authoritative and attractive you make your website appear.

Easy Tracking

We here at On The Map Marketing know that you will want a way to trace out the benefits that our work had provided you. With new advancements in the digital marketing field following the progress of your marketing campaign has never been easier. There are plenty of tools available for you to choose from in order to see how your website advances. They will be provided and explained so that you are able to know how far you have come and have a clearer picture of where you are going.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a free web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for your SEO and marketing needs. This service is available to anyone with a Google account. This service also comes with visualization tools such as a dashboard, scorecards and motion charts. Further Google Analytics benefits include:

  1. Custom reports E
  2. mail-based communication/sharing
  3. Integration with other Google products.


A file where you are able to list the web pages of your site to give Google and other search engines information about your site. Search engine web crawlers are able to use this file to more efficiently crawl your site as well. This tool provides search engines with metadata, or further information, about your site. Specific types of content are also be emphasized to Google via Sitemap.  

Google Search Console

A free service provided by Google you are able to use to monitor your site’s presence in Google search engine results. Using this tool may help you understand how your site is viewed by search engines. Seeing your website from an outside perspective is an invaluable method of understanding what you will need to change for a better SEO. You may also alter aspects of your site to better match how you want your business to appear to potential clients.

How Our SEO Process Brings Out Potential in your DJ Digital Marketing

SEO follows two different paths in order to maximize your campaign experience. In order to make sure that your website is as effective as you need it to be there needs to be on-site and off-site SEO. On-Site SEO is the development and adjustment of your website itself and the web pages it consists of. Off-site SEO is where your website’s connections to the greater internet are overviewed and strengthened. Both types play a large role in the services that we are able to provide for you.

Website On-Site SEO

Modern day search engine software has the ability to hone in on any flaws that your website may have. Flaws will hurt your ranking on a search engine results page, or SERP, and lower the chances of potential clients visiting your website. Our SEO specialists focus on smoothing out these flaws and creating a better online experience for anyone who clicks on a link to any of your webpages. The process is extensive and includes many steps designed to make sure that you are provided with the quality content your website needs to succeed.


The structure of your website and the connecting web pages is an important aspect of SEO and client satisfaction. Your DJ business content will be adjusted and given additions that are tailor made to attract your particular client base. Keywords and phrases in particular will become emphasized, we will implement them strategically into your titles, headlines, descriptions, and URL strings to make it easier for clients to find what the need from you. An easy, enjoyable site structure means happier customers, which leads to a higher click rate and increased business for you.

Security and Load Speed

Website testing is crucial to making sure your websites flaws are eliminated. We will make sure to subject your site to rigorous trials in order to understand its security and loading capabilities. Trustworthy sites do not lack in terms of security, and authority is built when clients feel safe while browsing. Load speed is also a large part of making sure your clients remain satisfied with the service they are receiving.

Website Off-Site SEO

The internet is a near limitless, continually expanding entity consisting of over a billion websites that are capable of being accessed instantly. It is easy to see how your website may become lost among the crowd of possibilities for consumers to click on and follow. Our SEO strategy focuses on building your connections to the greater internet community. By making sure that you are made more visible and displaying your website’s quality, out strategies will make sure that search engine browsers have a better inclination to following links back to your site.


Links to different websites are a big part of adding to your website’s relevance. Social media links spread the word of your DJ services, while links to different authoritative sites increase your own authority standing. Internal links are also capable of increasing traffic to different parts of your own website. By increasing your website’s connections you create more ways that online clients will find their way back to your website.


A directory is a catalog of websites for clients to use in order to find services like yours. DJ services have their niche and directories help potential clients more easily find the niche services they need. Online traffic flows through directories and to your business, the more trusted and authoritative the directory the more traffic you will see. We work to see to it that directories have your name come up when it comes to DJ services.

Link Profile

A good online presence has its needs and one of those is a trusted linked profile. The more solid information you provide the clients, the better you come off and trustworthy you look. Making sure clients know who they are entering business with sets up a clear and honest precedent. Without trust or understanding business suffers for both sides of any deal, our marketing strategies help prevent that for your DJ marketing.

Digital Marketing-A Solution to Your DJ Advertising Needs

The DJ business is competitive, and others are already taking advantage of the opportunities you cannot afford to waste. SEO is the way to make sure that your advertising and website traffic goes up, while your marketing costs stay down. Do not fall behind while businesses all around the world are taking advantage of this chance to take the lead. Contact us today to become informed and set up solutions to your marketing needs.

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