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WordPress is a platform that allows you to create and manage content on your website. A lot of people already know that they can create and publish blogs with WordPress, and because it’s free, it’s very likely that you know someone who has used it. WordPress has been around since 2003, and because its interface looks very similar to popular word processors, it’s even been used by high school and college students for assignments. In fact, a lot of individuals use WordPress to keep up with friends and family.

Since its inception, however, WordPress has grown to become a fully-customizable website creation tool. Because it is open-source, all of the files and information needed to make it customizable is available for free. WordPress is the foundation that is supporting websites and blogs for large corporations, local governments, universities, small businesses, and more.

The WordPress Platform

One of the things that makes WordPress easy for people who are trying to build their website without using a WordPress web design company is the interface. There are many ways to build a website and many reasons why you should choose some methods over others. WordPress is meant for content creation, so you’ll see text boxes instead of other visual design tools. You don’t have an opportunity to actually see how your content is going to look on the website, though, since the interface is more closely related to a word processor. Without a strong background in WordPress, the process can feel like one is walking blind since you won’t know how the content will look on the actual web page when you are building it.

That’s where our digital marketing team skilled in WordPress comes in. At On The Map Marketing, we have designed and developed websites for Fortune 500 companies and small mom-and-pop shops alike. Our in-house team of techno-creatives can also integrate the following into your website:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media
  • App development 
  • BigCommerce

WordPress Features

WordPress is one of the most popular open-source content management systems used by millions of websites. Because it’s free and easy to install an upgrade, it is accessible to all people and companies. There are some other really great features that make WordPress the preferred method of developing a website.


There are thousands of plug-ins and templates that can be used with WordPress. These plug-ins can add eye-catching visuals to your website and make it much more customizable. Because it has such a flexible framework it is easy for designers and developers to create and modify websites using WordPress.

Here are some examples of plug-ins you can incorporate into your WordPress website:

  • WPForms: If you’re looking to add an easy contact form for your visitors to fill out, then this plug-in is a must-have. In fact, because WPForms works well with other marketing and payment platforms, you can easily create relevant forms for your company in a matter of minutes.
  • MonsterInsights: This allows you to connect your website with Google Analytics which will help you to figure out how people are getting to your WordPress website and from what sources. While there is a free version, the paid version is far more robust.
  • Constant Contact: This will enable you to build up an email list of your website visitors and to stay in touch with those users after they have left your website.
  • HubSpot: This is a marketing and sales that takes submissions from your website and builds them into a database. This allows you to manage your sales and marketing activities much more efficiently, and streamline the sales funnel process.
  • W3 Total Cache: This plug-in increases web page loading speeds on WordPress websites, which is a valuable feature for any website. If you’re having problems with higher traffic volume going to your website, then W3 Total Cache can help you maintain optimal speeds even during spikes.

Highly Customizable 

Your company is not like any other company, so you don’t want to look like everyone else. While there are templates that people can use for blogging, our experts at On The Map Marketing take advantage of WordPress’ open-source software and multiple tools to meet the demands of our clients.

Low Cost

WordPress is one of the least expensive Open Source content management systems out there. In fact, this makes WordPress even less expensive, because every time there is an update you are not locked out by proprietary software that requires you to pay extra. Updates happen all the time for many good reasons, and while they can improve efficiency, they generally can be difficult for web developers and website owners. But with WordPress, it’s a lot easier.

The Process of Developing a WordPress Website

Wordpress website

The process can vary depending on whether or not you already have an existing website. But in general, the first steps are to pick a platform and a name for your website. Then you will want to work with your On The Map Marketing project manager to create a clear list of goals for your WordPress website. We don’t run straight into the technical aspects of building a website. A great WordPress website is built with careful planning and strategy. 

Content is one of the most important features of a website. With our cadre of content writers, you can post original, fresh content regularly to keep your visitors coming back, or sharing your website with others who might be interested in what you have to say. At On The Map Marketing we like to say “Content is King” because it can be what pulls in your audience, or drives them away. Content is more than just blog posts. If you visit an attorney’s website and there are a lot of typos, then you’re not going to hire that attorney. 

Next, we get down to actually creating the visual aspects of your new website. This is where getting to know you comes in, as our efforts to understand your brand pay off in it being reflected in your website’s theme. Call today to learn more about the website our WordPress website design company can build for you.