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White Label SEO Services

If the SEO department at your agency is very small (or if you don’t have one), then your SEO efforts are likely to fail, sadly. Search engine optimization requires its own dedicated team lead by project managers. Without a deep knowledge and familiarity with optimization, keyword research, and driving organic traffic, you will overwork yourself trying to learn everything about search engine optimization at the same time that you are implementing strategies you aren’t confident in. Clients will become unhappy, and eventually leave. 

Why not outsource your SEO services to a company that specializes in it instead? That’s the idea behind white label SEO programs, where you get to resell the services provided by another company.

White label SEO, also known as private label SEO, allows you to offer comprehensive SEO services through your own agency by using freelancers or in-house creatives from a single company outside of your agency who will provide the services. This strategy prevents you from having to spend the time and money training your employees on SEO practices, building a whole new department, or putting an inexperienced person in charge of an SEO campaign.

The great thing about white label SEO is that these services are offered as your own, with a third party partner doing all of the work for you here at On The Map Marketing. You, however, will still be providing weekly and monthly reports to your clients so they can learn about the latest developments in their campaign. All of these reports are generated using your brand logo rather than On The Map Marketing’s letterheads.

At On The Map Marketing, we have over 10 years of experience in the SEO and white label SEO industry. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, locally-owned businesses, individuals, and various institutions. Our team creates campaigns for a multitude of different audiences. With white label SEO, we can help you provide more comprehensive digital marketing services to your clients. 

Link Building

In school, you had to cite your sources in research papers to defend your thesis. Similarly, Google judges a website’s quality by which websites it links to, and which websites are linking back to it. For example, a major research university will be linked to by many bloggers, especially those whose niche is in the same field of research, because it is considered one of the best universities in the world and has attracted the best minds. That’s what makes it an authority, not just a link to an expert. 

An expert knows a lot, but an authority is the foremost figure in a field. Authorities will not link to a lot of other pages unless they are equally distinctive, such as a medical school linking to the Mayo Clinic or a peer-researched and approved article in a leading publication. Websites can improve their authority through building relationships with other website owners with higher authority and using this authoritative research to inform their own content.

In order to build authority, it is imperative to get other high-authority websites to link back to yours. The best way is to start writing blogs or creating content for a more established website or in your niche. By providing fresh content to other websites and blogs that link back to your website, your website is seen by their audience members, who become members of your audience. 

However, this requires building a relationship with other website orders: taking the time to research them, reaching out to them, drafting the perfect pitch email and, finally, creating content. This is a lot of work that would need to be delegated to a dedicated team. With On The Map Marketing’s white label SEO services, we take care of developing and implementing a link-building strategy that increases your authority and improves your rankings. 


An auditing tool allows you to generate a report for a website that can include your logo and company contact information. This report includes important information about your website, including but not limited to:

  • Page loading speeds for each web page on your website on both the mobile and desktop versions 
  • Keyword density, which is the percentage of times a keyword is repeated on your webpage
  • Feedback on your title tags in meta-descriptions

This comprehensive analysis will identify areas of improvement so your website can be its best. We audit your website using dozens of factors based on recommendations from the most popular search engine: Google! You will receive a report with our recommendations on actions to take to improve your website.

Keyword Research

At the start, our experts at On The Map Marketing go searching for high-value and high-ranking keywords to help you increase new business by attracting users to your site. Keyword research needs to be thorough and accurate so that you can have an edge over your competition. Keywords can and should be incorporated into your content and blog posts, so it is important to know what words your users are typing into Google in order to find you. 

There are two types of keywords: long-chain and short-chain keywords. Long-chain keywords are at least four words long, and highly specific. They have a much lower search volume, but the users who enter the search terms tend to be more serious and likely to convert into customers. Short-chain keywords are much more generic, and have a higher reach but lower conversion rate.

On-Page Optimization

On-page SEO is when developers try to optimize each of the web pages on your website so that they all can rank higher and drive more traffic to your website. You can also optimize your website by including targeted keywords in your:

  • HTML code
  • Title tags
  • Meta-descriptions
  • Alt tags

Anything done on your website to increase your ranking is called on-page SEO. This is contrasted to off-page SEO, which concerns activity off of your website that affects your rankings, such as backlinks. Social media promotions and ads are other forms of off-page SEO. The use of hashtags on social media accounts is another way of using keywords effectively off of your website.

With white label SEO, all of this optimization work is done by On The Map Marketing. However, you can re-brand those services and sell them as if they were your own. These techniques aim to increase your clients’ search engine results page rankings and brand awareness.

Client Relationship

Outsourcing any part of your services may seem like an off-putting idea for some at first — particularly with something as complex as white label SEO. Maybe you had a negative experience in the past working with freelancers or other outsourced services that never came together quite as successfully as you wanted. At On The Map Marketing, we understand how important communication is between a digital marketing firm and its clients. Think of white label SEO programs as building a partnership with another agency that will reliably and successfully handle all of your SEO services, from content creation to link-building.

Customized Reporting With Your Branding

Your client relationships are important, so we do the behind-the-scenes work that they don’t see. With our white label SEO reporting, we generate weekly and monthly reports rebranded as yours that were derived from data received from:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google My Business

These reports will let your clients know about the status of the success of their campaign. Reports can be exported directly from your custom-designed dashboard where all of your orders are organized. On this dashboard, you’ll also be able to see the status of all of your content that is being created by our team here at On The Map Marketing.


It’s very common for agencies to interview multiple white label SEO companies before deciding on the right one to build a commitment with. After all, you’re putting all of your trust in them. On The Map Marketing has a well-earned reputation for providing high-quality SEO services. On your team will be a dedicated project manager who will keep you in the loop and be available when you need them.

Here are some tips to help you find the right agency:

  • Think about your clients and theirs, and the work they have done. Is this candidate agency a good fit for your clients?
  • What kind of marketing materials and reports do they provide? Are they helpful, superfluous, or insufficient?
  • Do they communicate effectively, and are your communication styles compatible?

How can white label SEO help my business?

When you work with a digital marketing agency to expand your offerings, then you will significantly increase your revenue. Some agencies have seen higher returns on their investment in white label SEO services. They’ve also noticed an uptick in sales. 

More businesses these days are trying to take advantage of the fact that almost everyone has a smartphone in their hand. The general population has become far more computer-literate, and even people who don’t consider themselves very proficient at using computers have social media accounts and frequently conduct an online search. Your advertising should be where people will look, and every day there are billions of people willingly looking at their phones. If your digital marketing offerings don’t include SEO, then you are missing out on a big part of what companies are realizing is an important part of driving sales, though also rather confusing and complex at times. And white label SEO services can be your answer. Call us at On The Map Marketing to start offering SEO services to your clients!

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