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There are many aspects to your business that are absolutely vital, such as your employees, your customers, and the quality of the service that you provide. All are necessary to your company’s success and are directly responsible for turning it into a brand that people can trust. And that brings us to another very important aspect of your business: its reputation. All of those previously mentioned aspects contribute to your company’s reputation, from the way you treat your employees and your customers, to the efficiency and reliability of your business model. Your reputation is a hard-earned thing, which is why you must protect it at all costs and act quickly if it becomes tarnished.

At On The Map Marketing, we can restore the shine to a tarnished reputation and offer protection to prevent your reputation from getting harmed in the first place. In many cases, it can be a single person with a vendetta against your company that tries to destroy your reputation, in other cases, the business can be its own worst enemy by responding poorly to something someone posts online. No matter the case we can help to salvage and restore your reputation so that your company is held in the high regard that it deserves. So, if you want to repair a damaged reputation or you want to prevent your reputation from getting damaged in the first place, then contact On The Map Marketing and we will make sure that all your publicity is good publicity.

Protecting Your Reputation

While we are highly capable at putting out fires, we can also make sure that they never start to begin with, but a lot of that prevention lies with you. 

  • One surefire way of getting and retaining a great reputation is by offering top of the line service. If your customers or clients are constantly satisfied, then you won’t have to worry about negative reviews or bad publicity. When most of your reviews are positive, any negative reviews will seem like outliers and won’t get as much attention. 
  • One way of maintaining a good reputation is by offering your customers refunds or freebies if they are unsatisfied with their service instead of arguing with them and trying to defend yourself. That can just escalate things and make the situation worse. There is an old saying that the customer is always right, but of course, that is not always true, so when a customer is being unreasonable, you have to consider whether arguing with them is worth it. Protip: It usually isn’t. Offer them a refund or some other form of reimbursement and just try to move on.
  • You can actually get more positive reviews by simply asking for reviews. Though it is better if you ask for reviews from customers or clients that you know are satisfied with your services. Asking for feedback does not just lead to good reviews, it can also let you know what people think so that you can improve your services. If you have an in-person business, then make sure that the employee who asks for a review is different from the one who served the customer. The customer or client is likely to be more honest, which means their critique will be more meaningful and useful to you.

As you can see, customer satisfaction is a constantly moving target, but it is one that you can hit consistently if you pay attention to what your customers are thinking and if you react to their criticisms in time. Ask for feedback, ask the satisfied customers to post their reviews online, and offer reimbursements to disgruntled customers. You will be well on your way to having a positive reputation if you follow those tips.

Fixing a Bad Reputation

Regardless of your best efforts, sometimes you will get negative notices, and sometimes those notices can hurt your reputation. Whether you end up getting review bombed or someone posts a bad review that garners a lot of attention, it can have a profoundly negative impact on your reputation either way. We can fix your reputation and erase— or at least suppress— the stain a poor review leaves behind. A proven method of doing so is via reverse SEO.

Normal SEO (search engine optimization) is all about getting your website to rank highly on the search engines so that when people search for terms pertaining to your business, your company shows up on the first of the results pages. Reverse SEO is instead all about pushing down negative reviews so that they show up on page two, three, or even lower, of the search engine results pages, which are places where people seldom venture. 

We can identify the keywords that lead users to the bad review page and then use those keywords on other websites that have more positive connotations for your business. Those websites will be unaffiliated and unrelated to yours but the goal is to get them to rank higher than the site with the bad review. As the positive sites rise in the rankings, they push down the negative site lower and lower. The negative site doesn’t go away but people will be hard-pressed to find it, and as the saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

We also analyze any backlinks that the site with the negative review uses to increase its authority. Once they have been identified, we can then have them link back to your site instead. This has the effect of killing two birds with one stone; the hijacked backlinks push down the negative site and they increase the authority of your site which can help it rise in the rankings. It’s a win-win.

Removing a Negative Website

There are some cases where a website with a negative review of your site can be taken down, and they involve the site violating the rules and regulations of the search engine. If that is the case, then you can report the site to the search engine company and they will de-index the site so that it does not show up in search results anymore. If the site with the negative review engages in any of the following practices, then you have grounds to report them:

  • Listing your personal information that isn’t readily available anywhere else, such as your personal phone number, your home address, information about your friends and family, and other similarly sensitive kinds of information.
  • Using incorrect or outdated information about your website. Any false information pertaining to your website should be removed as that could hurt your reputation in an unfair way.
  • If the site uses negative SEO, then that is a big red flag as it is prohibited by the search engines. Negative SEO is different from reverse SEO because it is about using low-quality backlinks to drive down another site’s rankings. That constitutes a direct and unfair attack on your site, which is why that practice is forbidden.
  • Trademark violation. While another website can mention your company, they cannot use your trademark for themselves. If they do, then they should be reported to the search engine provider.

Let On The Map Marketing Manage Your Online Reputation

These days your online reputation is your only reputation, which is why it should be protected at all costs. At On The Map Marketing, we can protect and maintain the reputation that you have worked so hard to build. Even if your reputation is strong, it is not invincible and a prominent negative review could send it crashing down. If that happens, then we can help you build it back up again, but we can prevent it from falling down in the first place.

Look at some On The Map Marketing reviews on Clutch and contact us to make sure that your company is always seen in the best possible light.

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