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So you’ve decided to start a business, but for you, the sky’s the limit. You’re thinking big and you don’t want to be limited by state borders. You’re going national! That means more opportunities for more customers. But that also means more competition, which is why you need to stand out and get noticed. And the best way of standing out and getting noticed on a national level is by letting On The Map Marketing handle your SEO and web design services.

We are a national SEO company with over ten years of experience helping clients on all levels achieve their goals of high visibility, high search engine rankings, high customer engagement, and high lead generation. At this point, we would say that if you want to get high, then you should work with us, but you can see how that looks. Instead, let’s say that we have helped companies and businesses, both local and nationwide, rise consistently in Google’s search rankings. That has, in turn, led to more users, more clients, and more customers. We have done it for them and we will do it for you. 

The return on investment is extremely high when you work with our national SEO agency, which means that the risks are low and the rewards are substantial. So, get in touch with us when you are ready to start your national SEO campaign and take your business coast to coast.

All National SEO Work Is Done In House

Some SEO companies farm out a lot of their work to contractors and sub-contractors. That means communication amongst the different departments is like playing a game of telephone. Any changes take ages to implement and there is little accountability, as everyone points the finger at everyone else if something goes wrong. At our national SEO company, all the work is done in house. 

That means the lines of communication are always clear and open and no one passes the buck. That gives us the flexibility and adaptability to quickly make necessary changes and to fix any mistakes that occur along the way. Our web designers, content creators, digital marketing experts, and website managers are all in close proximity to each other. Messages get relayed directly from one department to the other and even from one person to the other. You get the precision, thoroughness, and accountability from us that is lacking in other companies that contract their services to outside firms.

Data Tracking For National SEO Clients

Our company uses our national SEO services to track all of the data associated with your SEO campaign. That data includes measurements for your website’s performance, its search engine ranking, and its lead generation. This data is important not just as a tangible measure of your site’s success but also as a way of monitoring what works best and what needs improvement with your campaign. 

We carefully analyze that data so that we can tweak and change different aspects of your website. Your website should be constantly improving and closely examining its tracked data is how we ensure that your website keeps getting better. We also use that data to analyze your user demographics and how visitors interact with your website so that we can know who is visiting your website and how they are using it so that we can make it even more appealing to them. That lowers the bounce rate— i.e. the amount of time a person spends on a website before leaving— which increases user engagement, which leads to more customers.

We Perform Keyword Optimization For National SEO

Before we start writing content for any of our national clients, we make sure to perform rigorous and thorough research to make sure that the content is perfectly optimized to their business. That means we do extensive and detailed keyword research to find search terms that are relevant to their business. We start out with the broader search terms related to a particular business and then we gradually narrow down to find the words and phrases people interested in that type of business are looking for. 

That means that by the time our research is complete, we will have found the precise keywords that are laser-focused for that business. We then weave those terms seamlessly throughout our content to make sure that the search engines pick them up when users look for them. And since we make sure that the content is well-written and engaging, users will actually stick around to read it. That way the content is optimized for search engine bots as well as actual humans. It’s a win-win! You will have content that people will actually want to read since it doesn’t look like it was written by an algorithm, and you will have content that ranks.

Our Website Design Is Optimized For National SEO

It’s all well and good to have well-written content but that content won’t matter if it’s laid out in a way that makes it hard to read. That is why we make sure that the web pages we design are laid out in a smart, intuitive manner that encourages viewers to stay on the site. We break up the content into bite-sized, easily digestible chunks and we make sure that the pages themselves are designed in an appealing way. That means the web pages designed by our national SEO agency utilize proven UX and UI design concepts.

UX and UI are abbreviations for user experience and user interface and they refer to the way users interact with your website. We make sure that the websites we design have all the core tenets that promote a satisfying user experience. They include the following:

  • Fast Load Times – Because even a load time that lasts for a few seconds is too long for most people these days.
  • Responsive Design – That means making sure that the website is optimized for all devices so people that use a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to access your site will have an experience that works perfectly for that device.
  • Hierarchical Design – This means that the most relevant and important data is prominent and easy to find for everyone.
  • Clear Call to Action – Every company’s website needs this feature because it is how users can contact the company. That is why we make sure that the CTA is ever-present, easily accessible, but not obnoxious and in your face. It should be a gentle nudge, not a poke in the eye.
  • Accessibility – We make sure that all of our websites are accessible to users who may have visual, aural, or motor impairments. It is not just to make sure that more people can access those websites, it is simply the humane thing to do.

Link Building For National SEO

Another method that can help a website stand out even on a national level is judicious link building. That means building links that establish your site as an authority on the subject of your business. One way of doing this is via inbound links. This is when completely separate, unaffiliated websites have hyperlinks that lead back to the website that we have built. When a large variety of different sites have links that lead back to a website that we have built, it establishes that site as an authority on a particular area of interest.

When a site is seen as highly authoritative, there is a much higher chance that search engines will find it first when people input keywords looking for a site in that specific area of interest. By that same token, linking to highly authoritative sites such as news organizations, government agencies, and large corporations helps to increase a site’s authority as well. Our national SEO company has content creators that will include highly authoritative links in their content and who can write posts for other websites that link back to the company whose campaign we are working on. Both of those methods are a sure-fire way to get that site to start ranking highly.

Internal links are also important. These are when pages on a website link back to each other in a logical way. It means that a site has a clean, clear design that search engines love. We also make sure that they aren’t any dead or broken links since they can hurt a website’s search engine ranking.

We Work With You on Your National SEO Campaign

All of these techniques are proven strategies that have worked time and again to boost the visibility and engagement of companies that want to get recognized on a national level. However, none of them would work if we didn’t work with our clients to implement them. Ultimately, our goal is to work with our clients to boost their rankings and increase their clientele. That means we don’t just impose our will, call all the shots, and tell our clients what they should do. It also means that we cannot just sit back and passively let our clients worry about doing everything. 

A national SEO campaign is a constant exchange of ideas between us and our clients. We listen to what they want and offer suggestions and advice to improve their campaign. The ultimate goal is to work together with our clients to produce a website that matches— or exceeds— their vision and makes it an unqualified success. We have done that for scores of clients and we can do that for you. So when you are ready to take your company national, get in touch with the national SEO agency that has the experience to do it for you. Get in touch with On The Map Marketing.

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