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Years ago, affiliate marketers used to act as third-party resellers between businesses and customers, and Google looked, more or less, at them all equally. Nobody was seen as an authority over another. But with the advent of search engine optimization, the field changed, causing a ripple effect throughout the digital marketing landscape. Now, Google and the other search engines want to know whether or not a website is to be trusted and should be the one that the majority of Google users should see when they use certain keywords. That’s where SEO link building services come in.

Google has web crawlers that visit different websites, evaluate their content and structure, index them, and make them searchable online. They evaluate these websites on over 200 factors to determine who gets the number one spot. Nobody wants to own a neglected website with broken links, outdated blog posts and old information. Instead, you want to dominate the top of searches. So you need to know what those features are in order to increase your rankings.

What is Authority?

As mentioned earlier, there are lots of websites on the Internet that Google crawls and indexes. Google also ensures that only certain websites make it to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). One of the ways to increase your rankings is to increase your authority. When a website is new, web crawlers have not had a lot of time to index a website. It typically takes Google 1 to 2 weeks to index a new website. So your website may not be searchable until your website is indexed. But if your website is linked to from an established website, then that can help drive more traffic to your website.

Let’s take a look at an example. There are probably several medical experts in your local area. Even though they are board-certified, licensed physicians with stellar track records for providing great patient care, they are not authorities on their specific field. However, a major research university would be considered an authoritative source. If a medical doctor wanted to start a blog that linked to high authority websites, such as the Centers for Disease Control or the Mayo Clinic or Harvard Medical School, then those links help the doctor’s on-page SEO.

Think about it this way: in school no doubt you had to write research papers. In order to defend your arguments, you probably cited your sources, but your teacher warned you that they had to be from reputable sources. It’s the same concept. This is why quality content writing and planning is crucial to your SEO efforts – you want to be linked to only high authority sources in your posts and content!

Reaching Out To Bloggers

The best way to increase your rankings authority is to be a guest blogger on a website with more authority than your website. You should already have a couple of pieces of content already polished and published on your website before reaching out to social media influencers and bloggers to create a guest post for them. They are putting their reputation on the line to have you use their authority to increase your audience. On the one hand, it’s always nice when somebody wants to do work for you, so a lot of them will be happy to give you a chance to write a post for them. On the other, they risk giving the spotlight to somebody who does not offer a high-quality product, and will thus affect their reputation with their audience. Depending on how big their audience is and how respected they are in their niche, it’s going to be a challenge to convince them to let you write for them.

White Label SEO and Link Building Service

Here’s how our SEO link building service works. Our cadre of writers creates well-researched, engaging, accurate, and sometimes even lighthearted content that is useful and enjoyable for readers. Our team can approach reputable bloggers and website owners to have content we write on your behalf on their website, giving your website higher authority by linking back to your website. 

It’s very natural to face a lot of rejections at first because influencers and brands don’t know who you are yet if you are new. Here are some of our insider tips we use to get bloggers to say “yes” to a guest blog post:

  • Start by approaching other websites that are just slightly more authoritative than yours.
  • Have a lot of great content already published that has been reviewed and edited.
  • Use keyword research to help you find topics to write and blog about so that your audience sees you as an authority who has their ear to the ground. If a certain keyword or phrase looks like it had its peak a few months ago, then that trend’s bubble has already popped and should not be chosen as a blog topic.
  • Use high-quality images in your blog post. 
  • Don’t come off as too sales-y. A lot of people know that blogs and other websites are full of ads, but when they read it in content or blog posts they feel like the blogger isn’t an objective, trusted source. Writing blog posts that inform and educate, rather than push sales, create value to visitors, and engenders loyalty. 

Then, our On The Map Marketing team pitches high-quality guest posts to the owners of other websites or blogs with high authority. We send examples of our engaging posts so they can see the quality of our work. When they agree, your client is featured on their website. Our team has years of experience building backlinks for our clients and we offer our clients the best link building service. Give us a call today!

Website Migration

Need to re-brand? Do you need to change your website name or URL? In addition to our link building service, our team at On The Map Marketing offers website migration solutions for businesses of every size, whether you are an individual proprietor or a large company with multiple cut locations. We take care of your website migration needs and migrate your clients’ websites without any interruption to their organic search and sales. We migrate websites to new hosts and platforms for clients who need something fresh and new. Call us to learn more about how link building service and website migration work together!