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SEO management is crucial if you want potential customers to see your site in the top results on any search engine. Over 90% of customers will trust your brand based on what they see on your website, while over 95% of shoppers make buying decisions after doing research online.

Whether you’re interested in placing ads or optimizing your website to increase organic traffic, BigCommerce SEO services can help you drive sales. The platform that BigCommerce SEO agency offers to its clients makes e-commerce a more straightforward endeavor that can increase sales and business growth. 

Advantages of Using an Agency for Digital Marketing Management

Digital marketing should form the backbone of your marketing budget. Whether you’re trying to build brand awareness, or increase website traffic, digital marketing is the way to reach your target audience in the age of the internet. Digital marketing campaigns are simple to run but can get just as complicated when you compete with big names in your industry. Often, getting professional assistance in your marketing campaigns can save you both time and money while increasing the success of your advertising campaigns. 

If you allow a team of professionals to manage your campaign, it will enable you to focus on other essential aspects of your business. BigCommerce SEO agency can offer your business multiple advantages:

  • Years of expertise in the field
  • Updated information on search engine algorithms
  • Understandable feedback on analytics
  • A proven track record of successful conversion rates
  • A dedicated team focused on your campaign
  • Affordable marketing, even with smaller budgets

Using the BigCommerce SEO platform, you can optimize your website for better conversion rates, resulting in higher sales. The platform is user-friendly, and there’s plenty of information to help you get the best advertising campaigns for your business. 

You have the option of starting a free trial to do a test run of how you can grow your business with e-commerce. Learn the best ways to drive traffic to your website and convert the traffic into sales. 

Use One Agency for All Digital Marketing Campaigns 

SEO supports your digital marketing campaigns and vice versa. While it used to be challenging to find an agency that can take care of both aspects of your marketing, BigCommerce SEO agency can do both. You can get support for any e-commerce endeavor that you’d like to undertake. 

You should use one agency for both optimization aspects to ensure that you have one message going out to your audience and nothing is conflicting. It helps to retain a brand image, which is vital for trust in customers. Since teams work together to get the same message out to your customers, there’s no danger of having conflicting marketing and SEO goals. One agency means that the team can develop one strategy, which benefits your SEO and other marketing campaigns. You can align your business goals with the strategy and keep them in line with your corporate identity. Your customers can immediately recognize your brand and respond. 

Using one agency also makes it easier to change your goals if need be. If you want to shift your campaign, the agency can take care of it. Communication is much more accessible since only one team is working on your campaigns. 

Another benefit is that you can increase your return on investment while making the most of your marketing budget. The team can work quickly and adjust strategies as needed. You’re not paying multiple agencies, which decreases the cost of campaigns drastically. 

What Can BigCommerce SEO Do?

Once you’ve started using the BigCommerce SEO service, you can use the best services available for e-commerce. You have access to information, guides, and seminars to help you make the most of your marketing budget once you’ve signed up for BigCommerce SEO

Your Own Google Ads Account

You have access to your own Google Ads account, which allows you to access helpful analytics and adjust your campaign as needed. Your own account also allows you control over your advertising budget, where you can set limits daily, weekly, and monthly. You have the ability to manage the campaign easily. Another benefit of the BigCommerce SEO agency support is that Google Ads Premier Partners will help you manage your campaigns. That means you have access to a team with a higher understanding of how Google Ads works and what it offers. 

Place Ads in Google Shopping

With help from BigCommerce SEO, you can get your products featured in the Google Shopping section. The correct approach can get your advertisements to shoppers who are interested in your product. The team’s expertise in Google Shopping campaigns ensures that customers spend their time buying your products and not just browsing the internet.  You can also make use of the free shipping annotation to your Google Shopper ads, which could lead to shoppers clicking through to your site even more often. Most customers look for upfront information on the shipping rates and times, and if you freely publish the data, it can lead to increased conversion.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Get people to visit your site and leave happy. BigCommerce SEO agency can design your site according to e-commerce trends to increase your conversion rate. This includes an e-commerce landing page, a conversion audit, and form analytics. 

BigCommerce SEO can advise you on how to improve your conversion, regardless if you’re a B2B or retailer. The company can help you evaluate your rates and understand what successful transformation looks like. 

E-commerce Analytics

BigCommerce SEO agency can help you to simplify e-commerce analytics, including Google analytics and conversion rates. You’ll have access to your analytics at any time in an easily understandable presentation. The company can also help with product performance analytics, A/B testing for email campaigns, and the KPIs you need to look into for successful e-commerce marketing. 


BigCommerce SEO agency will take care of the strategies you need for successful SEO and other digital marketing. These strategies can include social media to enhance your e-commerce, digital asset management, and digital catalogs. 

Real People Form the Management Teams

Another benefit that your company will get when you use Bigcommerce SEO is that the company is made of real people. You’ll be able to reach your account manager and strategist at any time, whether you have questions or need your strategy adjusted. You can schedule virtual meetings with the team or conference calls. Your team will keep you updated regarding your campaigns with regular reports. 

BigCommerce SEO— So Much More

If you need assistance and guidance with your digital marketing, BigCommerce SEO services offer a large number of solutions. 

BigCommerce offers webinars and other training to help you perfect the SEO and SEM marketing strategies. You can join a mailing list to access regular tips and tricks to tweak your campaigns and increase conversion so that you can drive sales. 

Read the BigCommerce SEO blog to get an in-depth analysis of campaigns and learn more about the strategies you can use to get the results you’re looking for. You’ll also get marketing news and updates from the blog. 

Download an app to connect your business to leading software to increase your sales through digital marketing. 

Many leading brands have used the BigCommerce platform and have successful e-commerce campaigns to offer you insight into how you can follow the same path. BigCommerce provides case studies from some of these leading companies. You can access these various case studies to analyze and apply similar strategies to your campaign. This is invaluable information, allowing you to learn from some of the best and most successful e-commerce campaigns in the world. 

Final Thoughts

Many customers are used to researching products before making purchasing decisions and using websites to make judgments about how trustworthy the business is. You can’t glance over your e-commerce site or the importance of optimizing the site to be part of the top results on search engines. You should target your marketing to an online domain and use your campaigns and SEO to drive traffic to your site. 

A BigCommerce SEO agency can assist you in several ways. You have access to some of the top case studies of successful campaigns while getting assistance from teams of experts. 

Your business can’t go without a successful e-commerce strategy, and you have easy access to SEO and digital advertising so that you can drive sales on your e-commerce website. BigCommerce SEO can assist you in making the most of these campaigns. Try out the user-friendly platform and look at all of the resources to which you have access to become one of the top brands in your industry.

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