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What are Amazon SEO services?

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Amazon has seen a surge in sales with more people staying at home. In spring 2020, delivery services became a lot more appealing. Online shoppers were looking for safe ways to still be able to get the products that they love, as well as different products to help them face these new and challenging times.

But even before the pandemic, businesses were trying to connect with new audiences who they hoped would love their products. And if you are able to ship your product domestically or internationally, then a website like Amazon can help you increase your sales to reach more people around the globe. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of using certain keywords on your website that rank well for you and your business. When Google’s web crawlers index your website, they will notice these keywords, which will help your rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Amazon SEO services include a variety of practices that improve brand awareness, increase sales, decrease counterfeit listings, and learn more about your competitors. You want certain keywords to rank not only for your website but to also direct users to your Amazon link. For example, if you sell your products on Amazon‘s website, then you need to have a very strong presence on the internet so that your business comes up in searches for your target audience.

What Amazon SEO services do you offer? 

At On The Map Marketing, we handle every aspect of your Amazon SEO optimization services from top to bottom, starting from your launch, which is when we register your brand on Amazon and to ensure that you have your product listed in the correct categories. From your sales, you gather a lot of data that can be used to conduct audits, track profits, and fix any listing errors. We also gather data that can be useful in making important business decisions. Amazon listing optimization is broken down into different effective actions:


It’s important to research your competitors and what keywords are working for them. You want to know their Amazon best seller rank (BSR) score is, which is a score that they receive based on their sales. This number can fluctuate, so you want to be able to assess an average for your competitors. Research can also include finding opportunities to improve your pricing.


An important step in improving your strategy is to conduct an analysis of your current Amazon account and to make suggestions on what changes are necessary based on how you are ranking. Perhaps there are different keywords that you can use. Our team will manage your account and always look for current listings that can be optimized and categories that can be updated.

Get More Reviews

When you initially start selling on Amazon, you will not have reviews. So, the first hurdle you need to overcome is getting your customers to leave feedback on your Amazon website. Ideally, you want to have a five-star review on all of your products. There are a number of ways to encourage your customers to leave feedback on your Amazon webpage and to monitor when new comments are made so you can respond promptly. Companies that are able to respond to negative criticism with courtesy and empathy consistently report having high customer satisfaction ratings. 

The data from reviews can also be used to make important business decisions. If there are common questions or complaints about a particular product, or if there is a problem with customer service, then you can change and adapt based on what the consumers want and need. 

Amazon and PPC

Pay-per-click outside of Amazon is most obvious when it is seen on Google search engine results pages. The ads at the top of a SERP before the organic search results are the paid-for ads. These are a great complement to SEO because PPC yields immediate results and increases brand awareness. Similarly, our PPC specialists at On The Map Marketing monitor and measure sponsored ads on Amazon.

Getting the Buy Box

The Amazon Buy Box is available to subscription-based professional sellers who meet Amazon’s criteria. The Buy Box is the white box on the right side of Amazon product pages where users can click to add an item to the cart. While the majority of Amazon sales are done through Buy Box, not every company gets this coveted little box. But having it can protect your brand from imitators who can affect your rankings. 

What are the benefits of Amazon SEO services?

There are so many ways to market and sell products on Amazon, so you want to be able to take advantage of all the services and features available. On The Map Marketing helps you to incorporate all of these into your digital marketing campaign to increase traffic to your Amazon website, and ultimately your sales and profits. Our experts have worked with hundreds of companies and have found out what works best to satisfy customers and retain their loyalty. We also implement strategies to help to boost your five-star ratings and the number of customers who take the time to leave feedback on your Amazon store website.

It’s also important to use targeted keywords in the content of your Amazon products. You want to use between 5 to10 keywords per product page to help your products rank higher. By using these keywords in your product descriptions, you optimize your listings for SEO. That then boosts your online presence and increases sales. By combining different keywords to use between organic SEO and PPC, you can use these words or phrases to dominate your competitors online. 

If you’re ready to do more with your Amazon store, then On The Map Marketing offers you the Amazon SEO services that you need. Give us a call so we can begin revolutionizing your online store!

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