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If you are in the market for a reputable Detroit web design company to take on your upcoming site redesign or a full build, then look no further than the team at On The Map, Inc. For over a decade, we have been delivering the results that our clients expect and deserve for both full-scale web design as well as a range of digital marketing channels, including search engine optimization (SEO) and more. If you have noticed lately that your web traffic is lagging, or that your online sales could be doing better, there are a number of factors that could play a role, but if you run a perfect digital marketing campaign and your website isn’t up to par, then your money will be all but lost.

Maintaining an up-to-date, aesthetically relevant, and modern website is one of the most important efforts for any company with an online presence; in fact, think of your website as a digital tour of your office – would you want to invite a potential client into a rundown office with stained shag carpet and a computer from 1994 on your cluttered desk? Leaving your website up that has outdated design elements, broken tools, and is three or four design principles behind the current best practices is similar to this, and can send potential clients bouncing back to the search engine results pages in a hurry. 

Contact On The Map Now To Discuss Your New Website

The team at On The Map specializes in a range of skills, all of which merge together to provide our clients with a comprehensive and professional website, digital marketing campaign, and other support tools that can help you stay current and push your way up the rankings past your competition. This starts with a great website, and during our initial consultation, we will be happy to discuss how all of these different channels and tools feed into each other. 

We understand that budgetary issues can be a tough topic to approach for many people and that one of the major reasons that people continue to use an outdated site is budget-related. We are happy to work with your budget in order to get you a website that can start generating new business so that in a short time you can recognize the many benefits that your new website brings to your business. When your website causes visitors to question your credibility, you could be missing out on valuable leads that could otherwise justify this marketing expense.

The On The Map Web Design Process

The following is a brief explanation of our design process, but by the end of our work together you will be intimate with each of these important steps. One of the most important benefits of working with an established Detroit web design company is that you can be certain that no corners are being cut, and our established design process ensures that every detail is addressed.


We take this time to research your existing site and digital strategies in order to identify key takeaways, including what tactics were highly successful, and what issues we identified that we will need to remedy during our redesign. In addition, we will research what your competitors are doing well and try to identify important best practices that are used in the industry that we can benefit from. All of this and more give us the groundwork necessary to focus our design around some key principles and learnings that will help to drive meaningful traffic to your site and encourage your target audience to convert with you.


Once we have learned about some of the important best practices, we will take these learnings into our strategy sessions that will help to inform our design work and implementation. This includes administrative things like setting deadlines and deliverable dates but additionally involves setting targets for performance, coming up with uniform messaging for your site and all other marketing channels, and more. Many amateur designers skip this step because of their enthusiasm for getting into the design work, but without analyzing and strategizing we would be guessing about what might or might not work. 

UI/UX Design

Once we have researched and planned, the next step is to build your actual website! Our designers have a strong focus on effective UI and UX design (user interface and user experience), which focus on separate design elements that are equally important. User interface is the actual way that your visitor will use your site, such as what buttons they will press, what your fonts look like, and more. User experience sets the “mood” for your website and can set the tone for your business without you needing to come right out and say it. Both of these design principles are extremely important for modern web design and will facilitate improved conversion rates and digital customer retention. 


The big day is here! When it comes time to launch, you will not need to worry about things like connecting servers, tracking down admin passwords, updating email and social media links, or double-checking all of your backend work for your website because we have it covered! Once your site is live, we will hand you back your admin credentials and ensure that you have a full understanding of how to use your site, update content, and manage the tools that we have implemented that will help you reach your customers where they are and how they want to be reached. This might be a good time to blast your email lists to let everyone know about your new site.

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