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One of the core business goals of every contractor is growth. However, competing with some of the most established (and gigantic) firms can be difficult if you are a small organization. 

The only way you can keep up with the competition is by marketing your services effectively. Referrals and word of mouth are the most common form of marketing when it comes to contractors. 

But what if we told you we can offer you a viable option of getting clients and increasing sales? Read on to learn all about pay per click (PPC) advertising.

What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising?

PPC is one of the best digital marketing strategies you can use as a contractor. It’s a type of online paid advertising where you pay only when your advertisement is clicked. 

PPC offers you an easy way to advertise your services on popular websites like social networks and search engines. This kind of advertising helps you to target customers more efficiently. 

Why Should You Use PPC?

PPC ads are one of the most successful digital marketing strategies for contractors. PPC allows you as a contractor to appeal and market your services to a particular audience. By targeting your advertising, you can sell your services and end up attracting traffic to your website. 

Even though people still depend on referrals and word of mouth when looking for contractors, many consumers still use the internet when looking for contractors. Hence the importance of investing in contractor PPC.

Keywords are very trendy in PPC ads since they are versatile. For instance, if you live in Boston, you can target people looking for construction contractors in your area using the keywords “local construction contractors in Boston.” Keywords give you the flexibility to reach out to a particular market looking for specific services.

How Does PPC Work?

All companies want to rank highly in search engines. To achieve this, you can either use search engine optimization (SEO) or PPC ads.  

The downside of using SEO is that it can take a lot of time to achieve the expected results. With PPC ads, you can get instant and measurable results.

Of course, every business understands that every marketing strategy is an expense. But PPC is different, because with PPC, it’s not about how much you spend. Small companies are using PPC ads to rank highly online despite having small marketing budgets. 

One popular feature on search engines like Bing and Google is called Ad Auction. This is an automated process that determines the validity and relevance of the online ads that appear on the search engines’ results pages.

Using a PPC management service provider will be much cheaper and you will achieve your digital marketing goals much faster. The total price a PPC agency will charge you depends on various factors, such as:

  • How relevant are your ads?
  • How many of your competitors are willing to pay for the exact keywords?
  • What is your bidding strategy?

PPC gives you a chance to buy online visits to your site instead of waiting for visits generated by organic search. 

The most popular platform for PPC is Google AdWords. This online platform calculates which online ads will be displayed in the Google search results. If you want your business to show up, you bid on specific keywords directly related to your services and business. After that, Google AdWords will determine where to place and rank you.

Your competitors will rank higher than you if they outbid you, and vice versa. Remember, the higher your online ad displays, the more likely a potential customer will click on it. If your ad is clicked, then you have to pay your bid to Google. If no one clicks on your ad, then you don’t have to pay anything.

The same process is used by social networks when using PPC ads. The ads are targeted based on users’ interests and demographics. When your ad is clicked, then you pay the social network.

Best PPC Ads Practices for Contractors

Using PPC for contractors will be different. PPC ads are customized depending on the type of business. Below are crucial strategies you need to focus on when creating PPC ads for your company:

Landing Pages 

A landing page is the web page where a potential customer “lands” when they click on your ads. This page creates the first impression for your business services and brand. That’s why you need to have a strong, engaging landing page. 

To get the best possible results from your PPC for contractors ads, you need to create unique landing pages. 

The content on your landing pages and online ads must synchronize. If the ad is about “contract quotes,” then the landing page should be about the same topic. The best landing pages will include your business’s contact details, which makes it easy for new clients to reach you easily.

A simple “Call to Action” (CTA) is an essential feature of every landing page. The CTA guides the users on what you want them to do when they arrive at the landing page. If you lack a CTA, then you will have zero conversions. Examples of good CTAs include:

  • Subscribe
  • Reserve
  • Join
  • See How
  • Sign Up
  • Find Out
  • Refer
  • Call

Also, every good landing page should have a contact form that the visitor can fill out. The information they give will help you share more information about your business with them.

Uniqueness and authenticity

Your PPC ads need to highlight the unique features and services of your company. 

Are you the only contractor in your city who specializes in a particular craft? Clearly state this in your ads so that your customers can see this. 

Your online ads should also market you against your competitors. The online marketing scene is very competitive, and it can be hard to stand out. So if you have any unique feature, then you should highlight it on your online ads.


When creating your PPC ads, keep the message simple and precise. Complicated images and wording will end up confusing your customers. 

If they don’t get the message of the ad at first glance, they will probably not click on it. Many online users are very impatient when it comes to reading online ads.

When creating your PPC ads, stick to clear images, simple wording, and short videos. Don’t scare your potential clients by using jargon that they don’t understand.

Developing a Strong Marketing Strategy

Coming up with the best PPC strategy isn’t easy. Effective PPC ads utilize various factors in marketing and business growth. Experienced PPC ads specialists work to ensure you have the best results from your PPC strategy at an optimal price. They will work with you to choose the online ads you want to use, keeping in mind the main goal is to create a PPC contractor campaign that increases conversion by increasing your online traffic.

Using Keywords to Generate Traffic

Keywords are not only valuable when it comes to SEO — you can also use them to target specific customers in your ads. 

Specific phrases and keywords show what online users are looking for. Instead of dealing with the general online audience, focus on a particular audience looking for particular services by selecting specific keywords and phrases.

Effective Ads Campaigns

The best PPC ads provide instant results. An effective contractor PPC ad company will create PPC ads that tie the keywords and phrases to your brand, message, and CTA.  

According to Google, for every $1 spent on ads, a business generates $2. With a high percentage of clicks, you enjoy a lower cost on the clicks, so you want to prioritize increasing returns on investments by paying huge dividends.

Importance of PPC in Your Marketing Strategy

There are a number of benefits to making sure PPC ads are a large part of your overall marketing strategy.

  1. With PPC ads, you get to target a specific online audience. This will help grow your brand in a market that needs your services.
  2. PPC ads give you access to essential data like demographics, locations, and interests about your target audience. With this information, you can customize your ads to target the customers you want. 
  3. Unlike the traditional marketing strategy, where you have a fixed budget that is likely to increase over time, your budget is pretty flexible with PPC ads, because you spend money only when your online PPC ads are clicked. You also have the freedom of choosing how much you want to spend on PPC ads. So you can set your PPC marketing budget to meet your overall business goals.
  4. PPC ads help improve your online ranking on search engines and other websites. Ranking highly requires in-depth research on keywords and phrases, combined with effective use of the keywords on your website’s content. With PPC, you will learn which keywords are the best for your business and online content, giving you more control over your online ranking. 
  5. PPC supports various marketing campaigns that you will have over time. If you have any new product launches, upcoming events, or rebranding initiatives, you can use PPC ads to promote these activities. You can use PPC ads in the long term as part of your overall support system for all your business activities and increase revenue in the long run.


Many contractors consider pay per click advertising to be a waste of time. But just like any other marketing strategy, PPC for contractors needs research, planning, and effective execution. To fully utilize online marketing, you don’t need to have silver bullets. Good PPC requires skill, time, and effort from your marketing team.

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