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If you’re about to start your own business, or if you’re already running your own business, then most of your time and effort is going to be spent on the day to day details of being in charge. You probably won’t have the time to think about marketing your business and getting the name of it out into the world. Well, you don’t have to worry about any of that if you hire On The Map Marketing to do it for you. We are a Cincinnati SEO company with over ten years of experience and we have served hundreds of different clients and a wide variety of different businesses.

That means we can and will help you to grow your business by giving it higher visibility so that you can attract more clients or customers. We do that by getting you to rank higher on the search engine’s results page so that more people notice your business. At On The Map Marketing, we can also help to design and optimize your website so that visitors find it attractive and efficient. We can also create engaging content that is informative and that will keep visitors hooked on your site. So, if you want to help your Cincinnati business reach its full potential, then contact us at On The Map Marketing and we will hatch a game plan to help you achieve that goal.

What Cincinnati SEO Can Do For Your Business

SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the best ways to attract new customers because it is more organic and more cost-effective than a full-on ad blitz. That is because one of the main ways people discover new businesses that are relevant to them is when they look for it in a search engine. They will type in a search term related to what they are looking for, such as “personal injury lawyer near me” or “plumbing services nearby”; those search terms are called keywords and the way SEO works is that it gets your business website to show up high on the results page when people type in those relevant keywords.

That means people learn about your business organically and that you will reach a lot more people as well. SEO is all about getting your business on page one of the search engines and pushing it as high as possible on that page. The reason is that people more often tend to use and trust businesses that rank highly. And since they found you naturally, rather than through you selling your services, they will feel more comfortable using those services. 

We know how to get your Cincinnati business to the top of the results page because we have been doing that for the past ten years. Doing so builds legitimacy and trust, which will help your business grow even further. Of course, having your site show up early doesn’t do you any good if it’s an unoptimized mess that is a chore to use. Lucky for you, we also offer services that can give your website the form and function that attracts and keeps new visitors.

SEO is a Cost-Effective Marketing Method

You likely don’t have an unlimited budget that you can use on TV ads, radio ads, and billboards in Cincinnati, but you still want the reach that those methods can provide. Cincinnati SEO is a far more cost-effective way of attracting a broad range of customers without a huge budget. One of the reasons SEO is so cost-effective is that it focuses only on customers looking for the services you provide. Advertisements target anybody who looks at them, even those who are not interested in what the business behind the ad has to offer. 

Cincinnati SEO only targets those who are looking specifically for what you have to offer them, which means that it is far more efficient and practical than a big ad campaign. It also means that SEO scales well with the size and scope of your business. So if you are a small, local business, then you don’t need a huge, splashy ad campaign. You just need to attract the people interested in the services that you have to offer. That means business only has to spend the amount of money that matches their goals, so if you have modest ambitions, then you only need to spend a modest amount of money.

How Cincinnati SEO Can Help Your Business

Once people become aware of your company and your brand, they will naturally visit your site more often. This increase in traffic is always a good thing because it is a tangible indication that you are getting noticed by more and more people. However, traffic is not the only indicator of a successful SEO campaign, you want to make sure that many of those visitors become clients or customers as well since that is the true measure of success. Not only will you get a lot of organic traffic to your site via keywords, you might also get customers the old-fashioned way via word of mouth from people who are happy with your services and are glad that they found you. 

Our Marketing Methods

One of the ways that On The Map Marketing can use Cincinnati SEO to help your business gain higher rankings is by the tried and true technique of keyword research. We use tools to find out what terms related to your business people in your area search for the most. Once we have learned that, we then use those keywords throughout your content so that when people search for those terms, there is a higher likelihood that your business shows up. Keyword research is just one of the techniques we use though, as there are quite a few different ways to get your ranking up.

Another way that a website gains rankings is by having authority. That means the search engine views a site as a credible and reputable source in a specific area of interest. Sites that are seen as authoritative tend to rank higher because they are more trusted. One way of gaining authority is through the use of link building. This is when other sites related but unaffiliated with yours link back to your site in their content. When multiple sites link back to yours, the search engines view that site as being more authoritative. Think of it this way, if you ask multiple people different questions about a particular subject and they all tell you that you should go to one person for the answer, then you would assume that the person is an authority on that subject. Search engines operate under a similar principle, which is why an authoritative site is a popular site.

Website Optimization

This is a broad term that covers a lot of different topics, but it boils down to a website that looks good and functions well. Some of the techniques we use to optimize websites are as follows:

UX and UI Optimization – UX and UI mean user experience and user interface respectively, and they essentially mean the way that the website looks and how it functions. We make sure that every website that Cincinnati web design develops looks great but also that it is easy to navigate and intuitive to use. Any page on the site should be only a few clicks away and the user should never get lost or confused. 

Some lazy designers might think that making a website a disorienting maze might lead to viewers staying there longer, but it is actually better if you make it easier for visitors to leave as quickly as possible. That is because people value convenience and ease of use and respect a website more if they believe that it values their time by being efficient and simple to use.

Fast Loading – Even a load time of just a few seconds may feel too long for some people, which is why we optimize all of our sites to load almost instantaneously. A fast load time shows people that your site is well made and that their time will not be wasted. People will reject a site that looks good and has useful information if they find using it to be a slow, ponderous process. That is why load times should be speedy no matter what device people are using to view it.

Responsive Design – This means that a website is optimized to be viewed and used on a variety of different screens. After all, many people use their phones to browse the web and they are not going to wait until they can get to a PC or laptop to search for what they are looking for. That is why your site needs to look good and function just as well on mobile devices as it does on a computer screen. We incorporate responsive design into all the websites we build, which increases customer convenience, which is great for business.

Security – If your customers are using valuable information when they use your services, then they will want the assurance that their information will be secure and will not get into the wrong hands. We use the HTTPS security protocol on all of our sites to ensure that the information of customers is always safe. This protocol encrypts the connection between the user and the website so that their information is safe and secure. A site that has high security is necessary both for protecting the valuable information of your customers and for establishing trust between you and your customers.

Accessibility – Most new websites, and even older ones, now have options that can make them more accessible for people with aural, visual, and motor impairments. Those options make a website more open and welcoming to a wide variety of people and show that you care about attracting customers from all walks of life.

On The Map Marketing Can Help Your Cincinnati Business

As you can see, we are a full-service Cincinnati SEO company that can make your website look great, have it function like a well-oiled machine, and get it ranking high on the first page of the search engines. All of our work is done in house without any subcontracting to outside businesses. That means we are agile and flexible when it comes to making changes and addressing problems. That is because we can quickly go to the person responsible for making those changes instead of having to go through several steps to get to the right person. 

We have made our case as to why SEO is the right marketing strategy for any sized business and why On The Map Marketing is the Cincinnati marketing company to implement that strategy. So if you want your company to rise like a phoenix, then contact us to find out how we can help your Cincinnati business.

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Based on your business goals and your audience’s problems, we’ll map the subjects to profitable keywords you can target to grow your website. Then we’ll create a keyword-backed content plan that takes your site’s authority and the keyword competition in SERPs into account.

We have one of the most thorough link building target evaluation strategies in the industry. After conducting a thorough backlink gap analysis, we create a detailed plan that focuses on getting links from topically relevant websites and also from authoritative websites.

Content that appeals to both search engines and humans

Our professional writers craft high quality content that not only ranks in search — but engages and persuades your readers. So you’ll get in the good books of both: Google and your customers.

Precise on-page SEO

We use industry leading tools like Surfer SEO to create optimized content using important keywords in prominent locations on the page for every keyword we target. Once published, we also take care of internal linking, meta tags, other technical on page SEO aspects to give a page the best shot to rank.

Dominate local rankings for your target locations

For any local business, getting one of the top 3 local spots in Google Maps is a prime source of high quality leads. Our local SEO specialists will conduct a competitor analysis for your key target locations. Then they will optimize your GMB, build citations, and create a comprehensive plan to dominate local rankings.

Robust technical SEO

Can search engine bots read the content of your website and index it? Does it load quickly and offer an engaging user experience so that readers don’t jump off your website? Our SEO services start with a site audit that evaluates technical debt (like the above parameters) that may be preventing your site from ranking to its full potential.

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