Why You Should Add Videos to Your Website: Top 5 Reasons

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When it comes to your company’s brand, image is everything. This is true whether you’re a law firm, home services company, dentist, or something else. A well-done video on your website will show and tell your audience the key elements of your company’s core values. Dynamic and exciting custom video stories can engage your audience in ways that written words simply cannot match.

While we certainly tout the benefits of blogs and written website content, adding videos to your website is just as important for your search engine optimization (SEO) and brand awareness as the written content on your website. It is an essential piece of the puzzle. Current trends show that video consumption has never been higher, and as such, the value it provides to your company cannot be overstated. 

Research tells us that 85% of internet users within the U.S. consume content through online video. Not only that, statistics show that website viewers will stay engaged longer with video than with reading and are more likely to convert to leads after viewing a video as well. Placing a video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%! This is because a professionally-done video allows your company to communicate to your customer base in a simple but effective way. Let’s look at why this is so important.

It Can Improve Your Rank on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

Every marketer’s favorite saying, “Content is King,” applies to adding videos to your website too! Although the footage in the video may not be indexed by search engine crawlers, the way the data is optimized on the video can be, and it makes all the difference. On The Map Marketing will use keywords in the video title, descriptions, and metatags to help provide an additional SEO boost.

Not long ago, Google released a new algorithm that highlighted the importance of being an expert at your craft. You can read more about the increased importance of authority and expertise in our blog, How to Improve Your E-E-A-T For Your Attorney Website’s SEO. Video content is a fantastic addition to this SEO effort, as it can show off your people, brand values, services, and overall company personality. 

Studies tell us that today’s customer attention span is 8 seconds. Video stops the scroll! On average, people spend 2.6 more time on web pages with video than those without, a metric Google loves to see when assigning rankings.

Videos Create Trust

Videos are a great way to humanize your brand and connect with your website’s visitors. This connection is part of relationship and trust building, an essential element in all industries. People want to use companies they trust, especially for services they deem incredibly important, like hiring a criminal defense lawyer or getting a new roof put on their home. A video can help bridge the gap, as they show you believe in your company and your services. Videos are a tactical form of persuasive engagement. They allow you to connect emotionally with your audience, articulate value quickly, and motivate action — all before the initial consultation.

The Importance of Testimonials

If you want to build consumer trust in your brand and effectively convert more leads into sales, and you certainly do, testimonials are the way to go. These are the gold standard for successful companies. Why simply tell a customer success story when you could have the client speak about it themself? Talk about building trust! On The Map Marketing can interview your loyal, happy clients and transform their testimonials into customer video stories that will instill trust in your audience. In editing and production, we pay close attention to telling a complete story. Viewers will be left with the impression that your company cares about its audience, so they will be comfortable trusting you.

When adding videos to a website, not just any video will do. We will provide you with an authentic, professional customer testimonial video that can be posted on your website, YouTube, and anywhere else you’d like to spread your company’s message. Let your clients do the customer outreach for you by investing in custom video stories!

Videos Give You a Way to Stand Out From Your Competition

Some of your local competitors are likely still out of the loop on the importance of video, but your window of opportunity is closing. As more companies become aware of the success of online video marketing, your competitors are using the opportunity to get ahead of you in search results and brand message. Don’t let them get too far ahead or even catch up with you.

Videos will help you reach new website visitors and create a lasting impression. Many potential clients are so overwhelmed with information that it can be hard to ensure your brand stands out from the saturated market. Your company must seek new and innovative ways to not only earn new clients but to retain their loyalty as well. Custom videos provide the perfect solution for broadening your “fan” base and reaching new audiences that will be excited about your company and service offerings.

Your content strategy is not complete without visuals. This is because video is a compelling medium that engages multiple senses, allowing your audience to connect with your brand on a deeper level. At On The Map Marketing, we develop strategically intentional video content that captivates and resonates with your clients.

Video Provides a Better Website Experience

A video provides supplemental material to the static content on your website, helping to provide a compelling experience for the website visitor. Videos are a great way to build a lasting relationship with your potential clients. This is because consumers are more likely to remember your video than the content they read on your or your competitor’s website. When you add in the fact that video links are easily shareable, you find yourself with an opportunity for your clients to not only better engage with your brand but also post your content across their social platforms. You’ve just found yourself a brand ambassador!

You Can More Easily Convert Your Viewers Into Clients

Plain and simple, captivating videos drive conversions. Again and again, it has been proven that users prefer video over text. As a result, video drives more conversions than any other medium.

Begin Building Your Video Library Strategy Today With On The Map Marketing

We produce videos that inform and entertain your audience thanks to an engaging, illustrative narrative that gets your brand’s message across. We can bring your ideas to life and ensure that your content is an effective vehicle to tell the story of your company, brand, or services.

Our full-service marketing agency is based in Miami, Florida, but we work with clients throughout the country. We encourage you to learn more about our video packages and contact our team to book your time with our professional videographer. If you have any additional questions or want a personalized quote, we’re always happy to help!

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Article by Chelsey Fox