Websites are complicated layers of coding that are time consuming to construct and maintain. They are built for one purpose– to get you more clients. If your website is not bringing you business there are several points to consider. Lack of monetary interactions may have nothing to do with the nature of your actual law firm, but be blamed on SEO quality.

Backlinks or “inbound links” are priceless endorsements that will usher clients to your law firm’s website from another business’. Google pays close attention when websites link to your attorney page because it means they recognize you as an authority or relevant source of information. Search engines rank websites according to their popularity. However, there are some backlinks that are more useful than others as Google favors authoritative sites.

As a general rule: Websites of a cyber-feather, improve SEO together.           

Using Ahrefs is a online tool that accesses the condition of your backlink situation. Without it, you may not even know who has linked to your site. Ahrefs evaluates your backlink data to see how they get ranked. Ahrefs also accesses your keyword strength and depreciation over time.  

How to use Ahrefs

  1. Log into
  2. Type the website’s URL into the search box
  3. Click “Referring Domains” from the toolbox
  4. Compare your website to your competitors

The higher the domain rating, the better the ranking. Spammy sites will negatively effect your SEO, so be sure to use Google’s “disallow” feature to remove their links.

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