Top Social Media Platforms Plumbers Should Consider for their Brand
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Top Social Media Platforms Plumbers Should Consider for their Brand

The social media scene has exploded over the last few years and it is easy to see why. Businesses and people alike have found it easier than ever to connect to the wider world with a press of a button. A plumbing business will absolutely need to use social media platforms in order to reach as wide an audience as possible and expand its client base. But with so many options, which social media platform should be used? There are several options and none of them are really a bad place to begin. But if you are going to go the social media route, which is still absolutely recommended, you may as well start with your best options.


Starting off with one of the biggest names on the planet, Facebook is easily one of the most used social media platforms out there on the market right now. With over 2 billion users and counting all across the world, the platform has retained its popularity and user base despite the recent trending of other sites. Facebook offers a varied amount of options when it comes to advertising for entrepreneurs and up-in-coming businesses like those in the plumbing industry. Types of advertisements you are offered include:

  • Dynamic
  • Messenger
  • Lead
  • Photo
  • Video
  • Carousel


This website has survived years of updates and rivals only to emerge on top as the best video-sharing platform online. The website plays host to nearly 2 billion users and the number is continuing to grow. YouTube provides an easy-to-use system that lets you upload an share a new video within minutes of completion. As an entrepreneurial business in such a competitive field, of course, it becomes essential to use every tool available in order to reach a wider audience, including videos. You can even synchronize your youtube efforts with any other social media presences you have. Plumbing businesses can talk about their skills and qualifications or provide updates you can easily link to using different platforms to create a larger web of exposure with minimal effort and costs.


Once independent, now owned by Facebook, Instagram is a popular online site that also hosts live-streaming, photo, and video capabilities. The user base has gone over a billion users and it stands as a great way to reach a younger audience. The best part is that you do not even have to change advertising tactics if you are already putting ads up on Facebook. Follow the same plan and increase your exposure via both websites and reach an even wider audience. You can also use YouTube to host any videos you want and then link to them via Instagram or vice-versa with an Instagram link from YouTube.


This site is popular for its distinctive method of connecting users and providing content. On Twitter, you are only allowed a short message consisting of 280 characters, which means every letter counts. What the messages lack in size, they make up for in ease-of-use and digestibility. The point of Twitter is providing quick messages or ads that get your businesses point across in moments. With the right campaign strategy and some creativity, your business can send all the right messages across the platform.  


Reddit is an interesting platform, in that it has over a million users and billions of views per month. These views come in the form of visitors who frequent the sight looking for entertainment and answers. The website provides a well-known and intuitive platform in which users can voice questions and receive the answers from any other user. Questions pertaining to plumbing and house care are perfect for your business to answer and show your knowledge of the craft. Be sure to mention your website, but take care not to put in any links that may be construed as spam.

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