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Search engine optimization: how hard can using important keywords in your content really be? This is a common misunderstanding that many business owners fall prey to, and only after spending valuable time and energy writing content that doesn’t convert do they realize that there must be more to the equation. We here at On The Map Marketing have spent the past 10 years honing our skills and helping our clients bring their web traffic to the next level by providing SEO content that gives their customers what they want while generating traffic that converts. 

The following are just a few of the most important skills that anyone looking to implement an effective SEO strategy needs:

  1. Research
  2. Synthesizing Useful Information
  3. Grammar
  4. Analysis
  5. HTML, Java, and Javascript Coding
  6. Project Management

If you are looking for an SEO agency to help you bring your work to the next level, contact us as soon as possible to be connected with one of our representatives. We are always happy to talk about our history of successes across a wide range of industries, and nothing makes us happier to deliver this progress to new clients.



Coming up with keywords for your SEO campaign is an easy task — finding the keywords that are going to set you apart from your competition, though, is much more complicated. In order to determine the exact keywords that you should be focusing on, as well as how much you should be focusing on each, requires an in-depth understanding of your target audience’s online habits, their needs, and how you fit into their digital experience. Once you know how your audience wants to find you, you can then start making the process simpler for them.

Many people who are starting out with a new SEO strategy who have not done the research, either into how to properly do SEO or to understand what their target audience really wants, may find that their traffic is not impacted at all, or may, in fact, experience negative impacts.

Synthesizing Useful Information

As an SEO pro, one of the most important things that you need to do is provide your target audience and potential clients with useful, understandable, and clear answers to the questions that they are asking. When Google crawls a site, it doesn’t necessarily have the technology in place to determine how informative your content is. However, it does have the ability to see how quickly people leave your site, which is a very good indication of the quality of the information that you are providing. 

Content that either misses the mark or doesn’t actually provide useful information at all is a shortcut to disastrous results. When the focus is on “keyword stuffing” instead of actually easing your audience’s pain points and answering their questions, the results are typically underwhelming, or even detrimental. 

Grammar, Grammar, Grammar


Google can’t figure out exactly how useful your content is by scanning it, but it CAN tell if your content is grammatically correct. Grammar is a great indication of the level of care that goes into published content, which means that proofreading is just as important as the research you do while writing. More important than what Google thinks, though, is what your visitors think, and having a few typos or grammatical errors early on is a great way to send someone back to the Google search results page.

At On The Map Marketing, we hire exceptional writers who focus as much on writing great content as they do on the technical aspects of their writing. In addition, all work is then reviewed by world-class editors to ensure that every piece of content that we publish is as technically excellent as it is informative and useful. This multi-step approach to published content is one of the many practices that set us apart.



Compelling content is the backbone of a strong SEO strategy, but if you aren’t analyzing how this content is performing then it’s all for nothing. The ability to analyze and interpret data in order to quantify your performance is as important as the content itself, which is why On The Map Marketing hires specialists in both fields. If you are planning to run your own SEO campaign, you will need to make sure that you are equally as comfortable with data tracking and analysis as you are with writing. Make sure to stay away from “vanity metrics” when you are trying to tailor your strategy to content that converts, since visits to your site ≠ sales or conversions.

On The Map Marketing provides all of our clients with customized reporting so that they can get a full understanding of their performance. In many cases, our clients don’t even need to refer to the reporting dashboard as they have a notable uptick of traffic, inquiries, and transactions after we have rolled out our campaign.

HTML, Java, and Javascript Coding


SEO skills go beyond writing and research and require that you get “under the hood” of your website to install tracking pixels, tweak your Content Management System (CMS), and make changes to your source code in order to optimize your performance. If you are using a platform like WordPress or Squarespace, there may be some basic functionality that you have easy access to, but in order to maximize your performance, you will need to be able to dig in and make impactful changes that are specifically tailored to your own needs.

At On The Map Marketing, our programmers make sure that our clients have all of the bells and whistles necessary to improve their Quality Ranking, track performance, and get the most out of every detail on their site. We want to make sure that you can keep focusing on your business needs without needing to worry about remembering the admin password to your server every time something needs a change!

Project Management

When you are working with a range of people on an SEO project, such as developers, webmasters, writers, editors, and analysts, focusing on your own job requirements can quickly take a backseat. A comprehensive SEO strategy requires that there is a lot of buy-in and accountability for everyone who is contributing, which means that you will need to sharpen your project management abilities. This can be especially complicated when you are working with a decentralized team of consultants or contractors.

On The Map Marketing prides itself on our fully in-house team, meaning that everyone working on your website can simply get up and walk over to someone else’s desk if they need something done in a hurry. Working with people in different locations can add a significant amount of stress to a project, but we make sure that we handle these issues for you so that you can focus on your own work.

Article by Valeria Nunez

I graduated in international business and marketing from Florida international university before starting as a CSM and SEO account manager at On The Map Marketing in 2017. Now I’m the client strategy director, leading a team of eight customer success managers — and have overseen hundreds of successful SEO campaigns for our clients. Outside of marketing, I love playing Tennis, watching sports, traveling, and meeting new people.