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There’s no denying the importance of written web content on a webpage. Even if the entire purpose of a webpage is to display a photo or video, without good content writing describing those mediums, both web users and search engines would have a difficult time locating your page. But quality content writing means more than producing a page full of pretty words that describe a good, service, or other piece of information. Effective content writing enhances Search Engine Optimization—and in internet marketing, SEO is everything.

The Importance of Content Writing in SEO

In order to understand how content writing improves your search-engine rankings, you need to understand how search engines, like Google, rank sites for searches. When you enter a search term into Google, the site sends crawlers out to review millions of websites. Among the things that these crawlers search for are sites that contain terms that exactly or closely match what you’re looking for. Once all of the sites with your search terms are located, Google prioritizes them according to a number of other factors, including the “freshness” of the content, the frequency of keywords that match your search parameters, and how useful the site has been to other users. By posting content that’s rich in certain keywords, you help Google connect the users that you want to draw to your site. But researching the most effective keywords and incorporating them into a webpage isn’t an intuitive skill. It involves training and practice, which are why many businesses outsource content writing to a content writing company.

Content Writing Services

The old adage “if you want a job done right, hire a professional,” might sound like a content writing service sales pitch, but there are some very valid reasons that businesses turn to SEO content writing services. Here are a few:

  • A content writing agency has the resources and tools to identify the most frequently used search terms (keywords) for your target market.
  • Professional content writing services hire writers that can produce articles at a much faster rate than non-writers are capable of. You could spend hours or days trying to produce a few pages—time that you could be spending working on your business operations.
  • If you retain a blog content writing service to manage a blog for your business, your site will expand, and as you build a blog audience, your webpage will climb in the Google rankings.
  • Professional content writing services work with you to develop articles that are beneficial to your business, customers, and anyone else who visits your page. You can personally review all articles before they’re published on your page. You have the final say with regard to tone, information, and topics.

Content writing rates vary, depending upon the length of the article, the number of articles you contract to, and the amount of research that your articles require. Most internet marketing companies offer content writing services and will include some pages as part of the website buildout. Ask about content writing prices before committing to an expansion of your webpage or blog.

5 Tips from the Top Web Content Writing Services

Even if you intend to outsource your writing to a content writing site, it’s important to know what type of content writing will actually improve your SEO. It will help you avoid being taken advantage of by an unscrupulous service and assist you in developing topics when content writing articles. Here are a few of the strategies that the best content writing services use:

  1. Clear, Readable Content – Google favors sites that enhance their users’ experience. If your readers get frustrated because the content is difficult to read, they’ll leave your site in a short time, which will increase your bounce rate. Writing should be grammatically correct and manageable for the average reader that you expect to be visiting your site.
  2. Write for Your Audience – Content writing companies are especially adept at matching content with audience. A law firm that handles different practice areas may require different types of legal content writing, for instance. They may need articles written in plain English for their personal injury and criminal defense pages, but something more technical for practice areas, like intellectual property litigation or medical malpractice defense.
  3. Break Up Text – No matter how well written the content is, you don’t want to read a giant mass of text and neither does anyone else. The best content writing sites have a variety of ways to break up the text and make it more readable. Some of these include:Headers and subheaders for individual topicsBulleted and numbered listsUse of whitespace (the area that isn’t filled with text, videos, or images)Limiting paragraphs to no more than three or four sentencesHopefully, you noticed that this is a technique that was employed on this page.
  4. Keywords – All website content writing services are familiar with techniques used to identify keywords and they use content writing software to identify the ones that will help their clients the most. Some cheap content writing services will skip this research phase and attempt to insert keywords that their writers assume will help. The best content writing sites adopt a more scientific approach.
  5. Link to Authoritative Sources – When a search engine like Google sends crawlers over the web, they not only examine your website, but also any website that you link to in the text. If those sites are deemed to be authoritative, Google will rank your site higher. Your web content writing company will know which types of sites will add value to your content.

Research Professional Content Writing Services

There are a many content writing sites on the web, and some of them are quite good. There are a few ways that you can separate good content writing sites from the less reputable ones:

  • Review the content writing company’s own webpage. If their own page has poorly written content or a low search engine ranking, they may not be able to do much for your webpage.
  • Identify existing clients of that company, check out their webpages, and see how their site performs in a few basic searches.
  • Read customer reviews. Web content writing services are proud to post positive customer feedback on their sites, but if someone has written something poorly about the content writing, it will probably appear when you Google the firm’s name.

Remember that SEO takes time to produce results. With effective content writing, you should see significant improvements in your website’s performance.

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