14 Remodeling Marketing Tactics for 2024

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Remodeling homes is a lot like your internet marketing efforts. You must adapt the latest trends and techniques in your strategy to generate more leads and clients for your home remodeling company so you can help more people modernize the look and feel of their homes. 

Thankfully, I’ve listed the best and most current home remodeling marketing tactics to use in your campaign. Let’s get started.

1. Document Your Digital Marketing Strategy

First, identify your remodeling company’s marketing goals. If your business is new, focus on building brand awareness, but you can pivot to generating more potential customers if you’re driving website traffic or have engaged social media followers.

Include all these into your marketing funnel to plot out your buyer’s journey and ensure that you target people who are interested in your business and likely to become your clients.

Determine the remodeling service your company specializes in to help you figure out your target audience. Then, reverse-engineer the process by identifying the demographics and psychographics of people who need your service the most.

To ensure the success of your online marketing strategy, look at what your competitors are doing. Analyze their campaigns by looking at their keyword rankings, social media activity, and other initiatives for attracting their target audience to their business.

Based on the above, knowing what your digital marketing campaign needs lets you settle on a budget. If your competitors are executing marketing techniques at the highest level, resulting in more traffic and engagement, expect to spend more for executing your campaign.

2. Focus on Offering a Specific Service

As mentioned, having a specific remodeling service instead of a catch-all one allows you to develop a specialty for your business. 

Zeroing in on this service lets you build authority in the industry by creating a laser-focused marketing campaign, Instead of running multiple campaigns for your different solutions, you can focus on promoting this one service and maximizing the potential clients you generate from it.

3. Build a Professional Website For Your Remodeling Company

An optimized website enables you to establish brand consistency online. This is where people can learn more about your company, its services, and what it stands for.  So, if you want to show how good your brand is, you must design and launch a remodeling company website that people want to visit and engage with.

It all begins with a user-centric design. Observe the best web design practices for your remodeling website. Monitor user behavior by understanding how far down the page they scroll, which page elements they click on the most, and more using heatmapping tools like Hotjar. 

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Use the gathered information to iterate your site design to retain more visitors longer and help them find what they’re looking for or accomplish your desired action.

Improving your site’s loading speed is another way to increase conversions and visitor retention rates. The faster your site loads completely, the more users browse your website pages. 

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Run your site on Google PageSpeed Insights to determine how fast it loads and its performance scores. Scroll down the page to see suggestions for fixing its issues and making your website load even more efficiently.

Finally, your professional remodeling site must have a mobile-first web design. Most websites use responsive themes that adjust to the device’s screen size for optimal viewing. Your site should be mobile-responsive unless you use an online content management system (CMS).

4. Increase Your Local Visibility Via Local SEO

Inform your target audience that your remodeling business exists by optimizing it to appear on local search results.

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There is a section that appears on search engine result pages (SERPs) called local 3-pack that shows the three most relevant local businesses and their location in the map for the search term you typed indicating a location, for example, remodeling company miami, bathroom renovation services near me, etc.

Appearing on the local 3-pack increases your online presence and helps your business generate more high-quality prospects. To do this, you must claim or sign up for a Google Business Profile (GBP, formerly Google My Business). Upon verifying your account, you must indicate your business information, upload your company photos, and observe other practices to optimize your GBP.


You must also build your local citation by signing up for different online directories and listing your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) on these sites. Use the same NAP that appears on your GBP on these directories. Ensuring NAP consistency helps Google show your business’s correct contact information on SERPs.

5. Get More Online Reviews

Customer reviews help build your online reputation. The goal is to collect as many positive Google reviews from previous and current remodeling clients as possible.

After completing each project, email clients asking for feedback and linking to your Google reviews. Schedule a follow-up email if they don’t respond to the first one to increase your chances of getting a review. Also, consider linking to sites where they can leave a review, like Yelp.

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When clients give you a negative review, compose yourself before replying. Remain professional as you acknowledge the issue and their concerns. After apologizing for their experience with your business, take the dialogue offline to find a resolution to their problems. This might convince them to change their negative feedback into a positive one.

Also, how you respond to positive or negative reviews can help cast your remodeling business in a positive light. Always thank reviewers for their time, leaving feedback, being professional, and reflecting well on your brand.

6. Kick Off Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Aside from local search, you must also optimize your business for organic search. While the page results for organic SEO appear below the local 3-pack, you can target non-location-specific keywords for your site pages to increase your online visibility and traffic further.

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For starters, find keywords you can optimize for on your website. Type in your remodeling service on Ahrefs Keyword Explorer to see keyword suggestions you can target for your existing and upcoming pages. Filter the ideas to show keywords with the most monthly searches and lowest keyword difficulty (KD). Targeting these keywords in your SEO campaigns increases your site’s chances of ranking higher on SERPs.

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Once you have a keyword assigned for a page, use a tool like Surfer SEO to identify words and phrases relevant to the target keyword that you must include in its content. Get the score up to at least a 75 by mentioning as many keywords in the list as possible. Also, follow the suggestions in the Content Structure, such as the number of words, paragraphs, and images.

When creating the content for each page, be mindful of its keyword intent. There are two major types of intent: informational (asks a question) and commercial (customers are ready to buy). Optimize your blog posts and how-to guides using informational keywords, while pages convincing visitors to purchase your services must target commercial keywords.

Finally, develop a link-building strategy by prospecting for sites related to remodeling and the services you offer.

You can run a backlink gap analysis using Ahrefs—enter your site and a maximum of four competitors. The tool identifies links they have that your site doesn’t and shows you how they secured the link so you can emulate it in your campaign. 

For best results, target sites that generate organic traffic and have a relatively high Domain Rating (DR), which scores a site’s authoritativeness based on its link profile.

7. Get Instant Traction With PPC

As beneficial as SEO is to your remodeling business, you must wait months for your brand-new website to generate traffic from local and organic. This makes pay-per-click (PPC) different because you can reap the benefits of your campaign immediately upon launching it.

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You can use Google Ads to show your ads before organic search results, which is prime real estate on SERPs. There are also the Local Services Ads (LSAs) at the top of SERPs (higher than the local 3-pack) to ensure that people searching for the term you bid will see your ad listing. The cost for this ad type hinges on the

You can also publish social media ads to diversify the channels for your campaigns. Launch the campaign by identifying the demographics of people to whom you want to show your ads. The narrower the audience is (depending on your chosen demographics), the fewer and more targeted people will view your ads, and the lower the costs become. Upon publishing your campaign, the ads will appear on your target audience’s social feed.

To get the most out of your PPC campaign, implement retargeting ads. Users trigger this ad type after visiting and leaving your website without taking action. The ads appear on different websites they frequent, reminding them to return to your site to learn more about your remodeling business or place an order.

8. Build a Solid Brand

To help foolproof your brand in the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, you must treat your remodeling company as a brand. You can observe E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness) as outlined in the Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines.

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You can start by developing a brand identity. Identify the colors, typography, and visual motifs that best represent your values, mission, and unique selling point. Use them to create a logo and visual content if you don’t have one yet. You must feature them on all your marketing assets, like website, social media, and print materials (business cards, brochures, etc.).

Next, you want to present yourself as an expert in the remodeling service you’re offering your target audience. 

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You can achieve this by developing a content marketing strategy of creating keyword-optimized blog content that answers their pain points and issues. When done correctly, these pages will rank on SERPs for their keywords and be shared on social media, allowing more people to view your content and acknowledge your brand as trustworthy.

9. Display Social Proof

Another way to showcase your expertise is to let your customers do the talking for you. You need to gather Google reviews from your clients to rank your GBP on the local 3-pack. Well, you can feature positive reviews on your website to show visitors the effectiveness of your services and your commitment to providing them with excellent work and craftsmanship.

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Feature the best reviews on your homepage to entice visitors to inquire about your services, if not take you up on your offer. Then, create a testimonials page on your site to showcase all the glowing reviews you’ve received all this time.

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Aside from reviews, you can use before-and-after photos of your remodeling projects as case studies for your home services. Visuals are much more powerful and tangible proof of your company’s work, and the photos you’ll feature here should communicate the marked improvement of the home once you take over the renovation project.

An even better social proof than photos is a time-lapse portfolio. It documents the project’s progress in a sped-up video from before to after you renovate the home. While setting up production to record the time-lapse video can be expensive and time-consuming, it’s a more captivating and stylish way to communicate your remodeling skills and convince prospects to hire you for the job.

10. Start Social Media Marketing

Social media is another channel that lets you reach your target audience and engage with or convert them into new customers. To achieve this, however, you must first decide which social media platforms to contact homeowners looking for remodeling services. 

Go back to your audience demographics to identify which social media sites they use and frequent so you can maximize your reach.

Expect to include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in your social media marketing plan due to their active user bases. But don’t discount visual-based social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest, where you can show your before-and-after photos more effectively.

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Next, create a social calendar for the content you’ll schedule for publishing on your chosen platforms. Ensure that the content type you create aligns with your chosen sites. Most of them allow text, images, and videos, but TikTok only lets you publish videos on your profile. Here, check on your competitors to see what posts they post and whether to emulate them in your social media campaign.

Over time, measure the engagement of each post to see which ones got the most reactions and which didn’t. Then, tweak your upcoming campaign to focus on creating content that resonates the most with your audience. Also, monitor your follower growth on each profile to see if it correlates with the types of posts you publish.

11. Cold Call

Making phone calls to cold leads is one of the most effective marketing tactics to generate more clients for your remodeling company. Even if you haven’t built any relationships with them, you can immediately send your people to do a quick inspection and quotation on their homes.

First, however, you must get the contact details of highly qualified leads. You can buy a list of leads specific to your target zip code and filter the contacts only to show leads with a minimum value of $150,000. You can also hire a lead generation service provider who will acquire leads that meet your specifications and send them your way so you can call them.

For the script, be as brief and direct as possible. Explain why you’re calling (“I’ve been doing free consultations for homeowners in your area for their remodeling needs and was hoping if you need one, too”) and what your offer is (“Since our truck is nearby, I can ask them to come over and take a look at your home for free if you’d like.”)

12. Collaborate With Other Local Businesses

Partner with business owners outside the remodeling industry, like interior designers or hardware suppliers. You can meet them at networking events and conferences relevant to your work. Talk to and connect with them during these events to see if you’re a mutual and professional fit. 

If so, you can bundle your services with theirs. If you partner with insurance agents, you can offer a package deal where your clients can get a complimentary insurance evaluation and vice versa to ensure their policies match their current home value and features. 

You can also explore other collaboration avenues with businesses and professionals. For instance, launch co-branded workshops and seminars that educate them about the value of home remodeling in relation to your partners’ industries. 

Lastly, you can refer clients to each other. Send clients to your professional connections who offer the services the clients are looking for. They’ll also do the same if they encounter people needing kitchen remodeling or similar services.

13. Run Special Promotions

To help entice prospects to take your services, offer time-sensitive discounts and package deals. You can also limit the offer to a certain number of people to create even greater value for your offer. Promote these offers on social media and email marketing campaigns to ensure your target audience sees them.

By limiting the availability of your promotions and putting an expiration date on them, you create urgency and scarcity in the minds of your potential customers, thus increasing their motivation to become your clients.

14. Hire a Home Improvement Marketing Agency

Home remodeling company owners and employees are on the move, with more projects than ever. If you’re in the same boat, you might not have time to promote your business to potential clients and replenish your remodeling leads. Even if not, you might need help developing a home remodeling marketing strategy to attract the right prospects for your business.

On The Map Marketing offers digital marketing services to increase your online visibility and help you find highly targeted leads. Our website design solutions and SEO strategies can create a good first impression with your audience and convince them to become your customers.

Contact us so we can provide you with ideas to bring your remodeling company to the top.

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