My Experience at NamesCon Global 2022 Conference

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The NamesCon Global 2022 conference completed its four-day run Saturday in Austin, Texas. The event was special because for the first time in over two-and-a-half-years, attendees from the domaining community were able to meet once again face to face. 

I always like to attend domain conferences for these reasons…

1. You get to meet face to face with the people and the companies that understand the importance and the value of digital assets since the 1990’s. Men like Uniregistry founder Frank Schilling, Monte Cahn President Right of the Dot, “The Domain King” Rick Schwartz and Dr. Gregg McNair founder and chairman of Premium Traffic Limited. 

2. Domain names are a critical part of any modern business. It all starts with a great name. As a web services provider I like to know who has the domain inventory my clients need to power their presence online. The main event of the conference is the digital asset auction hosted by Right of The Dot. Some names in the auction included, and 

3. The workshops and presentations delve into new technologies and investment opportunities of the future. Some of the topics included Blockchain domains and their impact (,  NFTs, and the introduction of the new multicultural TLD extension .HipHop. 

“The Brussels Effect”

One of the most interesting discussions was centered around “The Brussels Effect.”

It was coined to reflect the fact that the European Union is a truly global regulatory power. Take GDPR for example: created to protect only EU citizens, its impact was profound globally.

The newest legislation – the Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Act might have similar effects on many business domains. This talk outlined the planned changes and gave tips on how to stay up-to-date with the inevitable.

As a Sr. SEO Strategist at I like to keep up with the latest trends in branding, audience development, marketing and advertising. As usual this event did not disappoint.

I always walk away with new contacts and new insights that I can apply to my career.

My advice to professionals who want to launch a new business!


Anyone that is looking to launch a new business online, should:

  • To select a domain name for the long term.
  • Always select a name that lets your service offering grow.
  • Use a .com if possible and make sure that the name is readable.

The importance of a domain name in SEO has decreased according to the Google algorithm but keep in mind the URL is still one of the most prominent elements consumers /users consider when searching and clicking so make sure that the domain is relevant to attract the audience with the highest intent.

If you want help with choosing a domain name or have someone take care of your digital marketing, then contact us.

Chris Waters

Article by Chris Waters