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How to Build a Lead Generation Website for your Business?

With a lead generation website, you can gather many of the visitors to your site and convert them to loyal clients. A highly successful lead generation website provides all the information needed by the clients such as the services and products. Here are ways to optimize your website and make it a lead generating machine.

Ensure that your site is HTTPS secured

When your website is HTTPS secured, it ensures your customers of security, transparency and privacy. When building a website, consider these as some of the factors that a client will first look for as proof of your legitimacy.

 This is how you can ensure it is HTTPS secure;

  1. Purchase your SSL certificate via your web hosting
  2. Install your SSL certificate on your Webhosting account
  3. Activate your certificate to allow it to function properly

SEO optimized website

It is vital to ensure that your website is fully SEO optimized. That is because at least 68% of online experiences start with search engines. Ensuring that you have fully optimized your website will ensure that it always appears on the related search’s first page.

If your page appears on the first page of search engines, you will likely receive 95% of search traffic. However, it is important to note that although your website is SEO configured, it does not mean that it will be visible to Google or other search engines. The idea is not making your website SEO friendly but also SEO performing.

Maximize on your web speed

Over 83% of the people who click on your page expect it to load in just under 3seconds. And at least 53% of users will leave your page if it loads slowly. That means you should prioritize on the speed. 

The best way to ensure that your page allows suitability to visitors when they click on it is to use the load as you browse technique. You can also optimize images for a faster load speed.

Web designer at work

Simplify and maximize usability

When a visitor clicks on your website, the person expects easy navigation to the information they are looking for at the moment. If they find that navigating your website is simpler, it becomes a tool that they will use frequently.

Also, optimizing the mobile design can increase usability. That allows the visitors to use any screen type such as landscape or portrait. In turn, that can lead to more traffic.

Include CTAs and contact forms

Contact forms are essential to your website. Clients will look for such information, even with no intentions of ever using them. It will help build on their trust in your site. It also comforts them that they can get help from you when they ever run into trouble navigating your website.

You can also give a Call to Action. This way, you will allow visitors to get in touch with you for goods and services if they ever need them. They can locate it at the bottom of your page instructing them on what to do next. For instance it may tell them to learn more to make an informed decision.


Allow mobile users access

70% of mobile users do their research through their mobile phones. It will allow many users to access your site via mobile phones. Your site should allow other access such as .tablets, and computers to accommodate more internet users.

Ensure to test your website. An example of a free tool to use is Mobile-friendly test tool which is free. It ensures that users can get easy access to your site via android phones, tablets and even computers. 


Having a lead generating website ensures easy accessibility to visitors. You can optimize on the above tips for better user experience which will help you generate more traffic and leads.

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