Infographics VS. Content: What is more Effective for Lawyer Websites in 2019?

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One of the most common services that our law firm website design specialists have performed for attorneys in the past was creating infographics for their websites. For a period of time, however, Google image had lost a lot of its relevance from an SEO perspective. This pattern has changed throughout 2018, though, and images have returned to prominence due to Google’s removal of the “View Image” button from the image search results. As a result, the question that is on the minds of many attorneys and law firms is, “What is more effective in 2019: infographics or content?” So, our law firm web design specialists decided to answer this question by comparing the strengths of each type of content and discussing which form of content is the most effective from an SEO perspective.

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Infographics for Law Firm Websites in 2019

Infographics are excellent pieces of content to add to your website. They allow your website to engage with the reader, communicate useful, compelling information, and offer the reader an interesting piece of content to share with their friends and family members on social media. Moreover, infographics can also be an excellent way to drive traffic to your website from Google image searches. In order for an infographic to be effective, it needs to:

  • Communicate information in a visually stimulating fashion
  • Communicate exact information such as percentages or whole numbers
  • Communicate meaningful information

Infographic example

Content for Law Firm Websites in 2019

Content is a broad term that describes both written content and images. Both are important for a website to rank well in Google’s search results, but with respect to pictures, they should be used strategically due to the fact that high quality engaging pictures increase a web page’s load time. Not every webpage requires a picture, but every webpage should have written content that is error-free and engaging and incorporates targeted keywords. While pictures, should be used strategically, content is a necessity for any successful website. Moreover, the content contained on each web page should contain internal links to other pages on your website and external links to authoritative sources, according to Google.  

Which is More Effective Infographics or Content in 2019?

So, what is the answer to our big question? The answer is, both content and infographics are equally effective, but only content is a necessity. In other words, you can build a successful, effective website with content only, but you cannot build a successful website that is comprised of infographics alone. However, the most effective websites from both a user and SEO perspective have a balanced mix of both infographics and content, because these two types of content often complement each other and should be presented together like the example below.

Infographic example with content

Moreover, both infographics and content play a key role in your website’s overall SEO strategy by driving traffic to your website from multiple parts of Google’s search engine, and users will share both content and infographics that they find interesting on social media. As such, both of these types of content should be incorporated into your website to maximize its efficacy.

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Andrew Grim

Article by Andrew Grim

Andrew Grim is a content writer at On The Map Marketing. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of South Florida with a BS Degree in Business Administration, focusing on marketing and management. Andrew works as the senior paralegal at a Tampa law firm that specializes in workers' compensation, personal injury, and Social Security disability law. Andrew utilizes cutting edge SEO techniques to provide clients with the highest quality content achievable.