What is the Turnaround Time on Developing a Law Firm Website?

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According to the American Bar Association, there were an estimated 1,338,678 attorneys in the U.S. as of 2018, and while not all of these attorneys operate their own websites, many of them do. There are thousands of websites owned and operated by law firms all over the country, and due to this, many of our attorney clients ask our team of law firm website design specialists how long it will take to both build their website and to turn it into a source of leads for their practices. But building a functional website is one thing. Building a working website that ranks well on Google and effectively converts visitors into clients is another. Let’s take a look at the typical turnaround time on developing an attorney website.

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How Long Does It Take to Build a Website?

The amount of time it takes to build a website is highly dependent on the size and complexity of the website being built. Websites built using a CMS platform, like WordPress, can generally take about a month to fully build, but custom websites that are being designed by a web designer can take two to three months to fully build.

The reason this process requires this much time is your law firm web design specialists will first need to map out the structure of your website using website information architecture techniques, which requires an analysis of keywords that are associated with your areas of practice. Once your web design specialist has created a “map” of the structure your website will have, the building will begin.

Writing Quality Content

As your web design specialist builds your website, a professional content writer will be working on the written content for your website. Generally, this is done in waves of 8,000 words per month, which is usually enough content for 8 to 16 web pages depending on the amount of words on each page. Moreover, all of these webpages will incorporate SEO techniques recommended by Google that have been used with high degrees of success on other websites.

Additionally, some of these pieces of content will be used to establish backlinks to your website. This allows your website rank better on Google, and typically, these backlinks are established at a rate of five backlinks per month over the course of six months. The reason this content is added in segments is it allows Google time to assess it, which allows you an opportunity to evaluate the content’s effectiveness.


Local Listing Optimization

As we are building your website, our web design specialists will be establishing your law firm’s external online presence. This is accomplished through a process known as local listing optimization. Our team will draft and create profiles on high-quality online directories, create a Google my Business account for your law firm, and ensure that all external listings for your website have accurate, consistent information that includes a link to your website. This allows Google to better understand the services your law firm offers, and it drives traffic to your website from multiple online channels.

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How Long Does It Take to Develop Your Website?

Altogether, it takes three to six months to fully develop your website, which includes building the website, writing the content for the website, establishing numerous high-quality backlinks, and building a local presence to increase your website’s rankings on Google and drive traffic to your website from multiple channels. However, the important thing to remember is, once your website is completely developed, you should manage and add content to your website on a consistent basis. Successful websites are continuously updated, added to, and optimized to obtain the best results on search engines like Google and to attract the highest amount of online traffic.

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Article by Andrew Grim

Andrew Grim is a content writer at On The Map Marketing. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of South Florida with a BS Degree in Business Administration, focusing on marketing and management. Andrew works as the senior paralegal at a Tampa law firm that specializes in workers' compensation, personal injury, and Social Security disability law. Andrew utilizes cutting edge SEO techniques to provide clients with the highest quality content achievable.