Funnel Hacking Live 2019: Conference Review, Pictures, and Commentary

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Shortly… What is Funnel Hacking? 

A term that has taken internet marketing industry over now for several years. Funnel essentially is a prospect to the customer journey from a point of seeing an ad, clicking on it, and then going through advertisement that introduces the product and then buying the product. Common use cases are funnels that start with Facebook and Instagram ads.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 – Intro Video

While the above is a technical description, “Funnel Hackers” have evolved as a global community that uses Click Funnels software to build their marketing campaigns. Even more, their community is so close that an event like “Funnel Hacking Live 2019” has gathered close to five thousand software users. 

Russel Brunson: The Creator of the Funnel Hacking Phenomenon 

Russel Brunson, the founder of Click Funnels, started the company in 2014. Since then, the platform has grown to having over 250,000 registered users at one point. 

Conference Agenda, Highlights and Events

This event is taking place in Nashville, Tennessee at the beautiful Gaylord Opryland Hotel. An excellent location, bringing together the passionate Funnel Hackers. Here are some photos of the event opening day:

Hook, Story, Offer

Day 1 was all about understanding your product story. How can you relate your message to your audience and how can you make them connect with things you’ve gone through to build the product you’re offering.

Here are some of my favorite key takeaways:

  • What is your hook? – R. Brunson
  • What false beliefs do your customers have? – R. Brunson
  • Of Something Isn’t Working IN Your Funnel… It’s Always Either The Hook, The Story, Or The Offer… – R. Brunson

Here are some of my favorite slides:


This is essentially the foundational group of people who have achieved tremendous success using Click Funnels developed technology and training methods. To enter the Two Comma Club your funnel needs to generate one million dollars in revenue, hence the two commas… Quite exciting right? Well Brunson and his team believes that anyone can do it with the help of their coaching program.

Multi-phase coaching that involved live training, funnel templates and even master minds. By going through the full training course you are surrounding yourself with leading Funnel Hackers and potentially with their guidance and strong product you might hit the mark and claim one of the Two Comma Club awards.

Personal Favorite Speakers & Events

Stephen Larsen

Stephen Larsen – Explaining Red Ocean Analytics

From the four day event, my personal speakers were Stephen Larsen from day one. His personal story and overall take on marketing really stood out to me. He’s huge on identifying the customer problem and solving it – particularly through building in the customer pain points in his funnel!

Red Ocean Analytics

The concept to read more about is Red Ocean Analytics, he goes in great detail how to understand your buyers and where to find the connection points that will drive their attention to one’s advertising and product messaging.

Julie Stoian

From stay-home mom with four kids to VP of marketing at Click Funnels… That’s a real Two Comma award winner! I was truly impressed by her presentation, the clarity, the actionable marketing tips, and most of all the genius way how she built her agency and became a VP of marketing at Click Funnels.

Presentation Highlights

  • Facebook is not for friends, Facebook is for business
  • Optimize your personal Facebook profile
  • Constantly engage in Facebook group communication
  • For new prospects – sell strategy session as the initial professional engagement (Note: Julie would sell hers for $1,000 that included 2h session with her and in-depth marketing plan prepared for 3-month period)
  • The 3×3 Rule: Offer + Funnel + Traffic

Here are some of my favorite slides:

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