Facebook Advertising For Lawyers: Step-by-Step 2024 Guide

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Facebook has billions of active users who use Facebook for at least a few hours daily.

Given that more than half of Americans use Facebook, the chances are that regardless of your practice area—be it family law, divorce, or personal injury lawyer—over 50% of your target audience is on this social channel. 

And Facebook ads can help you reach this audience.  

Not only that, Facebook ads can also help you with your local Search Engine Optimization efforts, not as much as Google ads or PPC but to a certain extent, due to Facebook’s ad targeting options. 

If we talk about the cost, the average cost of a Facebook ad ranges from $1 to $3 per click with an average CTR of 1.61% for the legal industry. So, even if you secure one client from these ads, it would be worth the effort and investment.

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Let’s understand everything about Facebook advertising. 

How to Run Your Firm’s First Facebook Advertising Campaign

Here’s how to run your Facebook advertising campaign for your law firm.

Step 1: Define Your Facebook Marketing Goals

Your campaign objectives can be brand awareness, higher conversion rates, lead generation, increased website traffic, or subscriber growth.  

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But precision is key. Whatever goal you choose here should directly align with the results you want to achieve—the action you want your audience to take after they’ve seen your ad. 

That’s because Facebook shows your advertisement to that specific audience that matches that criterion of your objective—for instance, if you want more people to visit your law firm’s website, you choose “Traffic” from here. 

Then Facebook will show your ad to the people in your target audience who often click on links. 

Step 2: Optimize Your Law Firm’s Facebook Page

When you run Facebook ads, the chances are that Facebook users will also land on your page post-ad click. So, your page should reflect your brand and give them some compelling reasons to follow you. 

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Begin by completing your Facebook profile. Share educational content and videos to showcase your legal expertise and build credibility. 

Besides that, you can also opt for integrating the messenger button on your profile for your prospects to directly send you an inquiry. 

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Step 3: Arrive at a Facebook Advertising Budget

Your budget would depend on your goals. For instance, if you aim to acquire leads from your Facebook ad campaign, you can determine your budget by multiplying the cost per lead with the number of leads you want to attain. It will give you an estimated budget.  

Cost per lead X No. Of Leads = Ad Campaign Budget 

Let’s suppose the average cost per lead on Facebook for the legal industry is $1.6.  

Now, if you desire 400 leads with an average cost of $1.6, your budget for this campaign would be $640.  

Facebook offers you two options for defining your budget: Daily and Lifetime. 

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Now, if you want consistent spending, the daily option would be better for you—for example, $25 per day. If you choose the lifetime budget option, then you can fix the maximum amount for a specific duration—for instance, $600 for 30 days.  

The daily budget offers regularity and makes sure your ad campaign remains cost-effective and the lifetime budget controls overall spending, but both have their own limitations. 

For instance, if you set the daily budget option, your ad will stop showing after reaching its daily budget limit even if your ads work well.  

Similarly, if you choose the lifetime budget, your ad won’t run continuously. You’ll have to set a start and end date for it and your ad will stop displaying after that. 

Step 4: Head to The Facebook Ads Manager

This is an easy step. Once you have decided on your goal, budget, and other preferences, go to the Ads Manager on the left-hand menu on your Facebook business page, considering you have one. 

If not, you’ll first have to create a Facebook page. From there on, you can create your ad campaign.

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Step 5: Set Up Your Facebook Ad Campaign

To set up your Facebook Ad campaign and create ads, navigate to the top of Ads Manager and click “Create.”  

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Set your defined goals, specify your target audience, and set your ad campaign budget. 

Add your compelling ad copy, other visuals—image, carousel, or video (if it’s a video ad)—a CTA, and hit the launch button to initiate your campaign. 

Step 6: Track Your Ad Performance

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Head to the Ads Reporting feature to track your ad performance. Monitor metrics like reach, frequency, clicks, and conversion rate to check and optimize your performance in real-time. 

Pro Tip: Try Facebook Lead Ads for Your Legal Services

Lead ads allow you to target your potential clients based on their demographic details and collect their necessary information like name, email address, and phone number—all without redirecting your leads from Facebook.  

It eliminates friction and accelerates the lead generation process for you.  

You can launch and manage these campaigns too through Ads Manager. 

6 Best Practices to Create Successful Facebook Ads 

1. Leverage Lookalike Audiences 

A lookalike audience is a set of target prospects that Facebook identifies for you based on the characteristics, social media impressions, and past Facebook pixels conversions of your current audience. 

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Then based on your goal, Facebook shows your ad to these people. For instance, if your objective is to get more website traffic, then Facebook will show your ad to those prospects who are more likely to click on a link. 

To set this up, navigate to Ads Manager, click on Audience, and create a Lookalike Audience. Then, choose the data source, location, and size to tailor your reach.  

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2. Format Your Facebook Ads for Both Web and Mobile Platforms

This optimization will eliminate any text and button overlapping. So, your audience can easily navigate your ad and take action, no matter on which device they’re scrolling through their newsfeed. 

It simply offers you more chances of conversions.

3. Craft Targeted Ads 

You can target three types of audience with your Facebook ads using the advance settings: core audience, custom audience, and lookalike audience. 

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Core audience are prospects you choose when you’re creating an ad for the first time. You pick them based on their basic demographic details, location, and interest. 

Custom audience are the people who already know your business or have interacted with you before. It helps you build on existing connections.  

4. Create Separate Landing Pages for Each Ad

Creating a personalized landing page for each ad helps you know how different ads are performing. So, you can adjust the spending of bad performing ads or check what elements in your advertisements are working better. 

Beyond these analytics, having each landing page optimized for a particular keyword or set of similar keywords can also help you boost your SEO.  

That’s because having one landing page for an ad makes sure that the content on the landing page matches the keywords in your ad. This helps in making your ads of high-quality. 

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 Plus, each unique landing page along with enhancing your search visibility, opens additional conversion avenues for prospects and gives them more chances to become your new clients.  

5. Leverage Facebook Ad Retargeting

After driving visitors to your website, leverage Facebook ad retargeting to re-engage warm leads who haven’t converted yet. Retargeting ads are also a great form of social media marketing

So, you can choose the custom custom audience to create this type of ads.

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This law firm marketing strategy focuses on those leads who have previously interacted with your brand, whether by visiting your website, engaging with your content, taking other specific actions, or belonging to your lookalike audience.  

By identifying and targeting these individuals, your law firm can effectively reconnect with a primed audience and increase the likelihood of conversions.

6. Conduct A/B Testing to Refine Facebook Ads Performance

A/B testing is a powerful digital marketing strategy to enhance your ad performance in legal marketing.

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To conduct a split test, you’ll have to run two versions of an ad with a variable to identify the more effective variant—it can be the ad copy, image, headline, or call to action. 

Then, you track the engagement metrics— clicks, shares, and comments—and conversion rates of both ads to know what resonates with your audience the most.  

This data-driven approach helps you optimize your ad campaigns, boost your ad conversions and fine-tune content for maximum Return on Investment. 

Grow Your Law Firm with Social Media Advertising With Us

No doubt, you can run your own Facebook ad campaign, but here’s a catch. When you do it for the first time, it’ll be challenging and time-consuming, and navigating through the complexities alone could lead to costly mistakes. 

The result? You may end up spending more resources than necessary without achieving optimal results. 

So instead, take help from the digital marketing experts of a marketing agency, who can help you get maximum results with minimum investment.  

Contact us today—and we’ll help you grow your law firm without the burden of trial and error. 

Sadaf Tanzeem

Article by Sadaf Tanzeem

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