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How Much Does a Corporate Website Cost?

Most websites are designed to convey a message to the user. This message can be about a particular product, brand, or corporation, but regardless of the type of business that owns and operates a website, the overarching message a website conveys is critically important. In addition to the financial cost, which can be approximated with a website pricing calculator, this aspect of web design is of paramount importance when you are building a corporate website, because, in most instances, it’s not just potential customers who might visit your website but also potential business partners, news organizations, etc.

Moreover, the amount of people that visit your corporate website can only be expected to increase in the coming years due to the increasing amount adults currently using the internet. According to the Pew Research Center, 89% of American adults are currently using the internet, and those who aren’t are primarily Americans over the age of 65. Meaning, as time progresses only a small segment of the population will choose not to use the internet while the majority of American will incorporate the internet into every aspect of their lives. As such, it’s important for every corporation to build a website that attracts potential customers, communicates a message about the ideals of the corporation, and effectively converts website visitors into sales leads.

Corporate Website Costs

Every corporate website should be designed based on the type of product or service your corporation sells and the industry your business operates in. For example, if your corporation sells a high-value product that is complex, your corporate website needs to offer potential customers more information than if your corporation sells insurance, and your website is ultimately designed to entice visitors to contact your company in order to speak with a sales representative.

As such, the structure and features you decide to incorporate into the overall design of your website should be chosen with the type of product your company sells in mind, but there are certain upfront costs associated with building every corporate website, regardless of the website’s complexity. These core upfront costs and features associated with building a corporate website are listed below:

  • Website Structure – $2,500-5,000 (Varies based on the amount of custom programing needed to build your website)
  • 10-25 pages of content – $1,000-$2,500
  • Domain Registration – $25 Annually
  • Secure Website Certificate – $175

Custom Corporate Websites

Many corporate websites are custom designed to fit the exact needs of the user, and this is more common in the corporate sector for good reason. If you are like many business owners, your corporation more than likely sells unique one-of-a-kind products that are new to the marketplace. As such, it makes financial sense to invest in a custom made website that can showcase your corporation’s product(s) with precision, demonstrate how these products are used, and ultimately communicate how purchasing your company’s products can benefit your customers.  

Typically web designers charge $125 per hour for custom programming, and there are a number of custom features your corporation should consider incorporating into your website. The type of feature and the overall cost of each feature are listed below:

  • Product Portfolio – $400
  • Related Products Feature – $250
  • Custom Payment Gateway – $500
  • Live Chat Feature – $200
  • Social Media Feed – $250

In addition to the website features listed above, custom web design gives you the ability to incorporate a number of different features that can only be implemented into custom websites such as special effects, video backgrounds, social media bars, etc. These features encourage customers to engage with your website and share it with their friends and family members on social media.

Custom Content for every Corporate Website

Building a website is similar to creating a piece of art. Each website has a different structure and offers each user unique pieces of  information, but so often, professionals that employ a web designer to create their corporate website limit the diversity of the content their website offers the user. This strategy can often be attributed to the cost of creating and embedding videos, engaging pictures, and many other features that actively engage the user, but this can hurt your website’s performance in the long-run with both users and search engines.

Google’s SEO guidelines and other major online players such as Forbes are continuously encouraging website owners to create content that’s engaging. Why? Because these companies understand that website visitors that are more engaged are more likely to convert into a customer that makes an online purchase or sales inquiry. Moreover, companies that actively engage website visitors can turn their online operations into an entirely separate segment of their business. So, when you are collaborating with a web designer, consider adding features such as:

  • Social Media Bars
  • Interactive Icons
  • Broken Grid Layouts
  • Customer Testimonials and Reviews
  • Online Polls and Quizzes
  • Page Transitions

These features and other are ultimately designed to facilitate engagement and interaction, which can have a positive impact on your website’s ability to attract and convert online traffic into sales revenue.  

Are you ready to get your Corporate Website Online?

So are we! At On The Map Marketing, our team of web designers are always encouraged to dream big, and we apply this mentality to every corporate website our designers create. So, if you are ready to build your company’s corporate website or just need to have your existing corporate website re-designed, give the web design specialists at On The Map Marketing a call today to find out what our team can do for your company.

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