Can Pay-Per-Click Marketing really drive ROI for Plumbing Contractors?
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Can Pay-Per-Click Marketing really drive ROI for Plumbing Contractors?

When utilizing pay-per-click, it is important to understand that it is an investment that relies on the effort you put into it. You will need to be careful and adjust your strategy when a change is called for in order to avoid losses. Positive Return On Investment or ROI, is the goal, but you want to make sure that the money you get back on your investment is enough to also account for the time put it. Breaking even can still net you a loss if the time used on the idea could have been used to make money in a different way. Pay-Per-Click Marketing is capable of pushing ROI for your business and providing some large returns.

Understanding the ROI

PPC is capable of bringing back heavy returns if you use the advertising method correctly. If used incorrectly, you waste time and money when clients are not converted and they go to a different business with their plumbing needs. In order to better understand when you are using PPC correctly, it is essential that you know what a positive campaign looks like to you. It also helps to learn how to calculate ROI efficiently. You will need to factor in the money spent on the ads, how much money you made based on online visitors who came via the ads, and then calculate from there. Make sure that the money spent includes design costs, employee costs, website upkeep, and time spent. Whether or not the end result of the equations is satisfactory is up to your end goals.

ROI End Goals

Driving ROI does not mean much if you do not know the extent you want the campaign to go or how much you want to boost your profits. An educated guess is usually enough to get started and from there you can set up the calculations to guess how much you will make by the end of a campaign. Set a reasonable goal, set a time period, then make a guess on how many clicks you will receive before using the conversion rate to get a number back. The process is easier using some ad pilot programs or basic testing and you can get to using PPC’s effectively soon afterward.

Driving ROI with PPC Advertising

Increasing ROI for your PPC campaign can be done by following a few simple steps and make some adjustments. First of all, make sure you know your keywords and keep the words used relevant to your audience. It is easy to throw in all the words you want to convert with but context is very important. If the ads lead to landing pages that have nothing to do with the ads, then the result is a confused audience and low-quality ads. Make sure to go for the higher quality keywords too, they may be costly but cheaper words and their low conversion rates will not be worth the price. Cut out unwanted traffic as well by looking into your keyword match types and seeing if you have the money for broad match types or if you would be better of working with exact types.

Trends are also an important aspect of PPC ad campaigns. You will need to know your audiences wants and the general time of day they usually spend online. You may also need to make sure your advertising only affects the areas around your plumbing businesses locations, be sure to be specific when setting up your campaign or you could burn through your budget quickly.

Make sure that your landing pages are relevant and informative as well. You do not want clients to be dissatisfied with the information they are getting which ends up lowering conversion rates. Check these rates consistently and make adjustments where you can. With the right effort and careful planning, a PPC campaign can really boost ROI for your company.

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