Links, virtual doorways to other websites, can be more useful than most realize. Marketers know that a good link does not distract a reader from your website, but adds credibility. An inbound link directs traffic from another website to yours while outbound links sway movement to other sources. Skilled markets understand how to use both types of links to increase SEO and ultimately gain more business.     

Outbound Links

Outbound Links direct flow to other websites. When properly used, an outbound link references information found on another website without distracting the reader from the information on the page. Citing your work adds credibility to the text because it shows the viewer that your information is backed by other sources.   

Position your website around good company. Only link to sources that you know are reputable such as government establishments, or college university research papers. Authoritative blogs are also great wellsprings of information that you can consider linking to. Cross level marketing can be achieved through linking as the blogger may reply to your link with a link back to your website.

Medical Malpractice lawyers will benefit by providing a link to a chiropractor or wellness center because it initiates a relationship with both the client and the business. If you’re lucky, said wellness center may provide you with a backlink for mutual benefit.         

Inbound Links

Benefits inbound links afford are obvious. When another website links to your law firm page not only will it boost traffic, but indicate to web surfers that your business is a useful source of data. However, understand that all inbound links are not created equal as Google only references authoritative websites when ranking. Spammy, or unrelated websites that link to your law business can actually have the opposite affect on SEO and send it plummeting throughout the pages.

Inbound Links vs Outbound Links

Inbound LinksOutbound Links
Free advertisements on other websites Referred by a trusted source Shows Google other websites value your informationAligns your website with authoritative figures Adds credibility to your work Opens the door to cross level marketing and establishing business relationships

Do I have to use links on my website?

You don’t need gas to own a car, but if you expect it to go anywhere, then it is probably a good idea. The same ideology works when considering the links for your website. Energize your website with the right links that will drive traffic to and from your source as seamlessly as possible.

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