14 Best Lawyer Commercials in 2024

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Law firms have been leveraging video marketing and advertising as their primary mode of promotion for a long time. A battle is fought among them regarding winning the best lawyer super bowl commercial title.

With the help of ad agencies, the attorneys create the best lawyer commercials that are loud, fast, emotional, and funny to appeal to the specific target group of clients. These TV commercials, Google ads, and social media lawyer ads help dramatically in amplifying brand awareness, getting new clients, and growing your legal business.

They have distinguished themselves from the rest because of their creative approach, excellent call to action, unique content, strong headlines, and precise descriptions. Some of these lawyer ads are so good that they create an everlasting impression on the mind of viewers, and they remember the ad and the attorney for a long time.

This article will explore some of the best lawyer advertisements.

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Top YouTube Commercials from Law Firms

Here are some of the best lawyer ads we picked from YouTube. Some are the latest, and some are a decade old. But these video ads are unique and keep you hooked to them. They have created a good impression and have a large number of views. Have a look:

Mike Morse Law Firm – Axe-throwing game – 2020

This commercial is an example of a great ad focusing on differentiating factors from other law firms. It is related to legal services like personal injury laws and insurance.

The narration mentions what makes this firm different from others and why people choose them when claiming accident-related insurance. A direct attack on competitors in the form of an axe-throwing game is what makes it an impactful ad.

Broderick & Ganz Personal Injury Attorney – Client’s stories – 2017

Seeing how a law firm can go to the extent that this commercial looks nothing less than a stand-up comedy is amusing. But at the same time, it has perfectly delivered the message it intended to convey to the viewers.

Such an over-the-top approach to creating a hilarious ad can bring significant visibility to the law firm. People love watching and remembering such videos that tickle their funny bones.

Jamie Casino – Sledgehammer – 2014

While watching this lawyer ad, you’ll wonder if you are watching a trailer for an action-packed Hollywood movie. It’s a high-quality commercial with excellent music and cinematography, written and directed by Jamie Casino. It’s in the form of a story narrated by a personal injury attorney who uses his sledgehammer to smash crime and corruption in a symbolic form.

It’s an excellent example of a criminal law ad where the story can quickly drive emotions in the mind of viewers. Using a big advertising budget, this video successfully reached its marketing goal of getting prospective clients.

Law Offices of Campbell Alexander, LLC – I’ll Fight For You (Seriously) – 2009

This ad starts with an emotional conversation where the girl is hopeless and sad, mentioning her situation to her father. Her father gives her hope by talking about Campbell Alexander, and suddenly it moves toward funny notes.

Using actual clients citing their problems and Alexander assuring them of the solution makes it a solid legal advertising video. It’s informative, with fun elements embedded in it.

Kenneth M. Phillips Dog Bite Laws – Pit Bulls – 2018

It’s an ad that provides information about dog bite laws. Using cheering crowds in a stadium as the background and displaying information about pit bulls as a dangerous breed, the lawyer has just nailed it. It’s a unique ad that stirs your mind and leaves you with serious thoughts. It’s short yet exceptionally effective. It successfully served its purpose of creating an online frenzy. Let’s agree that it is just something different.

Isaacs & Isaacs Personal Injury Lawyers – Hammer – 2019

Well, this commercial will surely make your eyes go wide if you love Marvel and DC movies. This highly creative ad serves you a short superhero vs. supervillain thriller. Personal injury attorney Darryl Issacs as ‘The Hammer,’ defeats insurance companies that are shown as the villain as they try to buy people with small checks.

It’s a perfect example of ‘out of the box’ thinking regarding law firm commercials. It’s a big-budget attorney advertising video with stunning visuals and special effects. Large law firms like this have optimally utilized their marketing budget to achieve their goals.

Reaves Law Firm – Content of your character – 2022

It’s a small legal service commercial with a big message that people should know you by the content of your character and not by how you look. It has very strongly delivered the intended message in fewer words. It’s a solid punch in the face of stereotypes and racism in the modern world.

Claims Direct – Personal Injury Compensation – 2012

This advertisement is about a personal injury case where the law firm supports the client in claiming the appropriate compensation for the accident at work. The lyrics are catchy and narrate the short story beautifully. What superb musical storytelling it is! It’s fascinating, simple, and engaging with a piece of outstanding music like that of old classical movies.

The Walkers – Kentucky Injury Lawyer – Zombie – 2014

When you seize the opportunity at the right moment, nothing can stop you then. This commercial with movie-type cinematography captures the essence of a zombie movie. It’s scary and funny simultaneously and keeps the viewer hooked with its perfect audio and visual effects.

Aired during the season 5 premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead, it immediately connected with its viewers. With insurance companies as zombies, attorneys as the heroes, and an injured person as the client, this commercial fulfills all the requirements of being an outstanding commercial.

Unfortunately its YouTube video is no longer available.

The Brough Law Firm – Criminal Defence – 2019

Powerful storytelling crisply conveys the strength of the criminal lawyer here. With real stories of actual clients, the firm has showcased its importance to the clients. It’s a short commercial that is no less and no more than a perfect pitch to potential clients – overall, a to-the-point commercial with a realistic approach.

Trantolo & Trantolo – Protect Your Family – 2020

This advertisement has just hit the bull’s eye by playing with the emotional chords of the viewers.

Talking about the importance of the family and making an emotional connection with the viewers in this beautiful video, the personal injury law firm has easily narrated the significance of their legal profession. They have provided the information about their firm in an attractive manner.

Divorce Attorney Marilyn York – Duct Tape It – 2019

This divorce and men’s rights advocate firm has created this hilarious commercial. It is an excellent example of how to convey the message creatively. It is impactful and provocative. Using day-to-day situations as examples, the divorce attorney Marilyn York has created humor that brings a smile to the viewers.

Top Facebook Commercials from Law Firms

Apart from YouTube, some outstanding social media ads are available on platforms like Facebook. A few of them are:

Berry Law – American Veterans Rights – 2021

This movie-type Facebook video ad beautifully captures the essence of a good commercial. It has an emotional appeal and effortlessly provokes the thoughts of the viewers. It shows soldiers as the characters and emphasizes the protection of the rights of veterans. Such social media ads quickly create a sense of trust for the law firm with the strongly worded narration.

Isaacs & Isaacs Personal Injury Lawyers – Hammer in Space – 2020

This is a prime example of how far law firms can go when it comes to their marketing ad. It’s a big-budget Facebook video ad taking you to outer space, just like a Sci-Fi space and alien-type movie. It effortlessly grabs the attention of the viewers with its high-quality content. This law ad has quality in terms of audio & video and brings humor and thriller to the viewers.

The Mike Morse Law Firm – Returning the wallet – 2019

The idea of this Facebook ad is that things are not always as they seem. And with such a funny commercial, the attorney of this law firm has successfully created a mark. It’s a comical ad that shows that honesty and responsibility are the foundation of this law firm.

Getting Started With Lawyer Ads

A law firm’s success highly depends on its marketing efforts, especially advertising. They need to invest in lawyer advertisement to get benefits like:

  • Getting new clients
  • Retaining existing clients
  • Boost online presence
  • Assure continuous business
  • Get a competitive edge
  • Keeping clients up-to-date
  • Boosts the firm’s image
  • Create brand awareness

Before you execute, it’s better to plan out what exactly you want from investing thousands of dollars in creating a lawyer commercial. You must have a vision, a budget, marketing strategies, and, most importantly, the goals to achieve.

Here are some important factors to keep in mind during such planning:

  • Your current position in the industry:
    For a start up firm, it is better to initially build your presence in the industry through traditional advertising rather than directly jumping to the lawyer ads. Also, if you are an established law firm, will you handle the influx of new leads that might bombard you after you air your commercial?
  • Your advertising goals:
    It is essential to understand what you want to achieve through lawyer ads. It could be anything we mentioned above, from brand awareness to generating new leads.
  • Your target audience:
    You must put your creativity into your commercial, considering who is your target audience and what kind of law practice you do. An appropriate commercial can bring the right results in terms of what category of clients you are looking for.
  • Your budget:
    Deciding how much money you can invest in the lawyer ads is crucial. TV advertising is much costlier than online and print advertising. So, you need to set a realistic budget for production and airtime for your commercial.
  • Finding the right ad agency:
    It is important to find an ad agency specializing in producing lawyer ads. You must check their portfolios, the estimated results they will provide, and pricing compared to other agencies.

Final Thoughts

Social media and television are the most popular mediums of advertising for law firms to promote their services through them. With a good marketing strategy and planning, they can reap the benefits of their lawyer ads working with a good ad agency.

At last, here are a few bonus tips that can give you an extra edge if followed:

  • Hire an ad agency that has superb experience in creating lawyer ads. They must be able to produce what exactly law firms want them to.
  • You must convey your message through storytelling that people can connect to. These can be funny as well as emotional.
  • As your firm’s attorney, you must appear in your commercials to create trust in your viewers.
  • Air your commercial in the specific area where you offer your services for better reach and results.
  • Use your commercials on multiple channels like TV, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

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