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If it’s time for a new website, or an update to your existing website, then finding the right Baltimore web design firm is one of the most important steps at the start of the process. Once you have found the right team to take on your project, you will be able to work with them collaboratively to bring your vision to life through the experience of a web design professional. On The Map Inc. has been developing top-tier websites for over a decade, with the portfolio and the performance to prove that we have what it takes to build the website that you deserve. 

When you are working with On The Map, Inc., you can be confident that your site is being built by a diverse team of experts, each focusing on a specific area of your site in order to help provide your visitors with a simple and pleasant experience, optimizing to deliver valuable traffic, and ultimately provide you with a return on your investment through new business and a strong web presence. Building a professional website goes far beyond appearance, and requires extensive research into your target audience, the type of information that they are seeking from you, and how we can ensure that your product or service makes it into their search results.

Let’s Start With a Free Consultation

Contact On The Map Marketing, Inc. today to speak with a representative about how we can help you bring your web presence to the next level with a new website, an impactful search engine optimization campaign, and detailed metrics about your performance that will help to adapt to changing trends and customer needs. Read more below to get a general overview of our process, all of which we will be happy to go into greater detail on during our initial calls, and of course throughout the process of building your new website. 

On The Map’s Proven Web Design Process

The following is a general overview of our research and design process, but if you are looking for the recipe for our “secret sauce,” you won’t find it here. One of our strengths as a Baltimore web design firm is our strong team of specialists, each of whom has spent years honing their skills and coming together to deliver our clients the results they expect. That’s our secret: hire the best so we can build the best. 

Phase 1: Research

Before we write a single line of code or think about the first mockups, we need to learn about your industry, your target customers, and most importantly what sets you apart from the competition. Acquiring new traffic isn’t as simple as a good looking website with a few generic keywords plugged in, and our research will inform every decision we make in the coming weeks.

A big part of this phase is analyzing your current performance as well as your competitors’ performance, in order to establish clear benchmarks and targets that we will work towards. This research will inform our design principles of the project but will be equally useful as we develop a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy for your site content, as well.

Phase 2: Design

Once we have completed the research, our designers will begin to build a series of wireframes for your site which we will then adjust according to your input, as well as the changes necessary to optimize your user experience. A central part of a successful user experience is to identify all of the possible outcomes, or “conversions,” of your site (such as signing up for a mailing list, requesting more information, purchasing a product, or scheduling a consultation), and then designing a different user journey for each of these outcomes. 

If a visitor enters your site and finds it confusing or overwhelming, they will quickly back out to the search results page and click on the next result. A cluttered, outdated, or counterintuitive website indicates—both subconsciously and consciously—that the experience with the site owner or the services offered might be equally confusing or frustrating. 

Phase 3: Implement

Once the wireframes are approved and the strategy is set, our designers, engineers, and writers jump into action and start building the content of your site. This includes things like responsive design for different screen sizes and browsers, keyword-optimized content for your users to find value in, and a whole lot of performance under the hood. We focus on things like site loading speed, handicap accessibility, and many other details that Google (and your users) highly value. 

In addition to these user-friendly benefits, we will install useful tracking tools in order to continuously measure performance and make fine-tune adjustments in order to continue to generate the traffic that you expect and deserve. 

Phase 4: Launch

Once we have your final approval and the entire site is built, we will put your new site live on the internet. Often, this includes porting your domain over to your new site, making sure that all of your connections (such as contact forms, chat widgets, etc.) are live and working, and that everything is ready to take on your new traffic. This can be an extremely frustrating step for someone building their own website, but luckily you won’t need to worry about any of the administrative work—we have you covered.

Phase 5: Track

Once we launch your site, the next step is to continuously monitor your site’s performance, and provide it with the adjustments and updates necessary to keep your customers converting on your page. This includes things like ongoing SEO work, adjustments to the backend of your site based on changes to the Google algorithm, and more. 

Too often, people get caught in the trap of relying on “vanity metrics” like impressions instead of focusing on the most important metrics: conversions. If you are getting staggering traffic to your site each day but are failing to generate new business, something needs adjusting. With our comprehensive reporting dashboard and a team of specialists, we will be able to identify dropoff points in your funnels and work to solve this problem to help your visitors reach the final step in their journey.

Contact Us Today

The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we can begin the exciting process of bringing your website performance up to the level that you are right to expect. During our initial call, we will be happy to discuss past projects that can provide you with useful insight into what your own results could be as one of our valued clients. The best indicator of the quality of work you will get from a web design firm is the success of past projects, and we love nothing more to share our wins with anyone who will ask about them.

Before you take another step in researching Baltimore web design companies, request your consultation so that we can understand your needs and give you a quote for work. A decade of happy clients can’t be wrong!

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