Advertising Bar Regulations For Mississippi

When building digital marketing and SEO campaigns for law firm websites, it’s important to be mindful of your state’s bar regulations for advertising. In this article we’ll go over some of the high level points to look out for.

In Mississippi, submitting advertisements to the Office of General Counsel for the Mississippi (OGCMB) requires certain policies and procedures. First, a copy or recording of any ad must be submitted to the OGCMB before the ad is released. The fees required for ad submissions vary depending on whether the ad was submitted in a timely manner or not. If the submission is not filed before to the “first dissemination” it will not be considered timely. An untimely submission fee costs $15, while a timely filed submission fee costs $25.

Rule 7.5 governs the Lawyer Advertising Rules in Mississippi.  According to the Mississippi bar, an advertisement is officially considered an “active quest for clients involving a public or non-public communication.” The term “advertisement” includes communications over the “telephone, television, radio, motion picture, computer-accessed communication, newspaper, sign, directory, listing or through written communication.”

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